What is the common name of sesamia inferens?

What is the common name of sesamia inferens?

Purple stem borer
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Mnemonic i SESIF
Common name i Purple stem borer
Synonym i
Other names i ›Leucania inferens ›Leucania inferens Walker, 1856 ›Sesamia inferens (Walker, 1856) ›pink stem borer ›sugarcane pink borer

What is the scientific name of wheat stem borer?

Sesamia inferens
Sesamia inferens/Scientific names

How do you control pink stem borers?

Granular application of cartap hydrochloride (4%GR) performed best in reducing the stem borer at heading stage (Table 1). This treatment has recorded lowest white ear head (4.2%WEH) as compared to 17.6% WEH in untreated control. Fipronil 0.3%GR was found to be the next best treatment where 5.7%WEH was recorded.

What is the scientific name of yellow Stemborer?

Yellow stem borer (YSB), White stem borer (WSB), Striped stem borer (SSB), Gold-fringed stem borer, Dark-headed stem borer, Pink stem borer. Scientific name. Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker), S. innotata (Walker), Chilo suppressalis (Walker), C.

Which is the host plant of jowar stem borer?

Host Plants and Other Plants Affected

Plant name Family Context
Sorghum halepense (Johnson grass) Poaceae Wild host
Vossia cuspidata Poaceae Wild host
Zea Poaceae Unknown
Zea mays (maize) Poaceae Main

How do you control mango stem borers?

Based on result we can conclude that mango stem borer, a major pest of mango in ETR could be managed by orchard sanitation and destruction of dry shoots from the tree followed by application of Imidacloprid 17.8% SL @ 1.0ml/L of water or Thiomethoxame 25% WG @ 1.0g/L of water for 5 times starting from 2nd week of Asadh …

Which is the non insect pest?

There is a group of animal other than the insects, which cause the considerable yield losses to agricultural crops and commonly called as non insect pests. It includes mammals (monkey, wild animals etc), rodents, birds, molluscs, mites. It includes mammals (monkey, wild animals etc), rodents, birds, molluscs, mites.

How do you avoid stem borers?

Crop rotation is the key to get rid of stem borers. Avoid planting cucurbits in the same plot, or plant cucumbers, melons or watermelons as borers hardly threaten them. Lastly, you can cut off the infected vine and cover it with additional soil for new root growth.

What is the scientific name of black bug?

Black Bug (Macropes Excavatus) : Distribution in India, Nature and Life Cycle! Systematic Position: Phylum – Arthropoda.

What is the scientific name of Paddy Stemborer?

(striped rice stem borer)

Which fruit is brinjal fruit borer present?

Leucinodes orbonalis, the eggplant fruit and shoot borer or brinjal fruit and shoot borer, is a moth species in the genus Leucinodes described by Achille Guenée in 1854….

Leucinodes orbonalis
Species: L. orbonalis
Binomial name
Leucinodes orbonalis Guenée, 1854