What is the age of Li Xian?

What is the age of Li Xian?

30 years (October 19, 1991)
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Is Li Xian famous in China?

Xian was awarded The Actors of China Award for outstanding actor in 2019 and 2020 as well as his first nomination for the Huading Award for Best New Actor in 2019 for the role. Xian contributed to the soundtrack song For Future (Gei Wei Lai), which appeared on Billboard China Social Chart as well as Billboard China Top …

Is Li Xian a singer?

Li Xian (Chinese: 李现; born 19 October 1991) is a Chinese actor. He has starred in many commercial films, variety shows and music videos….Music video.

Year 2019
English title “For Future”
Chinese title 給未來
Singer Li Xian
Notes/Ref. Li as Han Shan Yang on “Go Go Squid!”

Is Li Xian popular?

Chinese actor Li Xian rose to fame last year when he starred in the idol drama Go Go Squid!. Playing an introverted computer genius in the e-sport romantic comedy made him so popular that his weibo followers quadrupled from 5 million to 20 million. In Go Go Squid!

How old is Yang Zi?

29 years (November 6, 1992)
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How tall is Yang Zi?

5′ 6″
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Did Li Xian sing in Go Go squid?

He also sings and plays the guitar. As if his good looks and skillful acting are not enough, Li Xian’s soothing singing voice and guitar-playing will send your heart fluttering. He even sang the song “For the Future” on the Go Go Squid OST.

How do you become an actor in China?

  1. Go to take the college entrance exam for the 3 top Chinese theatre schools, namely 中央戏剧学院,北京电影学院,上海戏剧学院
  2. Go to south korea to start as a trainee and hope to be signed by a famous agency.
  3. Go to audition for big movie companies in China.

Is Li Xian popular in Korea?

When Go Go Squid was aired in Korea, Li Xian gained new fans and supporters in the country. Because of his popularity, he landed on the July 2020 cover of Dazed Korea and was described as the “Asian New Wave.” He is the first Chinese artist to be on the cover of the Korean fashion magazine.

Will there be Go Go Squid Season 2?

The expected air time of Go Go Squid season 2 is sometime during 2021….Go Go Squid Season 2/Spin-Off.

Episodes Airing Dates
38 Feb 4th, 2021 – Feb 24th, 2021

Will there be go go squid Season 2?