What is SAS macro program?

What is SAS macro program?

SAS Macros are typically considered as part of advance SAS Programming and are used widely in reporting, data manipulation and automation of SAS programs. They do not help to reduce the time of execution, but instead, they reduce repetition of similar steps in your program and enhance the readability of Programs.

What is macro variable in SAS?

A macro variable in SAS is a string variable that allows you to dynamically modify the text in a SAS program through symbolic substitution. The following example demonstrates how to create and use a macro variable. First we set up some system options to have a more concise output style.

How does SAS processes statements with macro activity?

How SAS Processes Statements with Macro Activity In a program with macro activity, the macro processor can generate text that is placed on the input stack to be tokenized by the word scanner. The example in this section shows you how the macro processor creates and resolves a macro variable.

What is SAS macro language?

Macro language. Macro language is a facility for generating SAS code programmatically. The macro language variables, functions, and statements are interpreted by the macro processor as a SAS program is being parsed at compile time.