What is Plasmotomy in Opalina?

What is Plasmotomy in Opalina?

The word plasmotomy means uncountable. In many multinucleated organisms, the cells divide and they form multiple nuclei without undergoing the process of mitosis and this is known as plasmotomy.

What is Plasmotomy give an example?

Plasmotomy is the division of multinucleated cells into daughter cells. It is a type of mitosis mostly found in multinucleated protozoan cell where cytoplasm divides into two or more masses. Example:- plasmodium and opalina.

Which type of asexual reproduction is found in Opalina?

Cell Structure and Metabolism. Opalinids reproduce both asexually and sexually. Asexually they reproduce by binary fission, which occurs by longitudinal-oblique binary fission.

What is Plasmotomy in protozoa?

plasmotomy A type of asexual reproduction in which a multinucleate protozoan cell divides into two or more multinucleate daughter-cells without the occurrence of mitosis.

How does Opalina reproduce?

the animal reproduces by longitudinal and transverse binary fission. it also shows reproduction by plasmotomy in which the cell division is repeated again and again without division of nuclei. the daughter cells encysted and pass out in the faecal matter of the host. An example of a species is Opalina ranarum.

What is Paedogamy?

: mutual fertilization of gametes ultimately derived from the same parent cell or gametangium.

What are the two types of parthenogenesis?

There are two types of parthenogenesis: Natural Parthenogenesis. Artificial Parthenogenesis….Physical Means

  • Temperature induces parthenogenesis in eggs.
  • Parthenogenesis is caused by ultraviolet light.
  • Electrical shocks cause parthenogenesis.

Which is not a method of asexual reproduction?

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What is Encystment in protozoa?

Encystment can be defined as the process by which many organisms adopt the dormant and highly resistant stage of cyst, preceding the release of a reproductive stage.

What is isogamy example?

Isogamy is a form of sexual reproduction that involves gametes of similar morphology (generally similar in shape and size), found in most unicellular organisms. Because both gametes look alike, they generally cannot be classified as male or female.

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What is the structure and diagram of Opalina?

In this article we will discuss about the structure of opalina. This will also help you to draw the structure and diagram of opalina. 1. It is an endoparasite in the rectum of vertebrates especially frogs and toads. 2. Body some what oval and flattened with uniform cilliation all over. 3.

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