What is my sort code TSB?

What is my sort code TSB?

When you call us have your 8-digit account number, 6-digit sort code and your security number to hand. You’ll find your account number and sort code on your TSB Debit Card.

What is Bank sort code?

A SORT Code is a number code, which is used by British and Irish banks. These codes have six digits, and they are divided into three different pairs, such as 12-34-56. A SORT code is used by banks to identify and route the money transfers to the respective bank and account.

What is the swift code for Permanent TSB?


Swift code (8 characters) IPBSIE2D
Branch name PERMANENT TSB P.L.C.
Branch code XXX

What is the sort code for AIB?

AIB Bank example for Ireland

AIB Bank IBAN in print format IE79 BOFI 9311 5212 3456 78
Checksum 79
Sort Code 931152
Account Number 12345678

How do I know my bank sort code?

You can typically find your sort code on bank statements and in your online or app banking. Many banks also print the sort code on the front or back of the bank card together with the account number.

Where can I get my bank sort code?

– Find the three pairs of numbers, separated by dashes, immediately to the left of your bank account number. This is your bank sorting code.

Where do I find my swift code TSB?

The SWIFT/BIC code for TSB BANK PLC is TSBSGB2AXXX. However, TSB Bank uses different SWIFT/BIC codes for the different types of banking services it offers. If you’re not sure which code you should use, check with your recipient or with the bank directly.

Is Swift code the same as Bic?

Is there any difference between BIC codes and SWIFT codes? Short answer: no. The terms are used interchangeably and mean exactly the same thing – they’re simply given different names by different banks and financial organisations.

Is sort code same as NSC?

When making a domestic payment by credit transfer or direct debit, BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and IBAN (International Bank Account Number) have replaced National Sort Code (NSC) and Account Number as the main payment identifiers for all SEPA payments.