What is dockyard in Lothal?

What is dockyard in Lothal?

According to the ASI, Lothal had the world’s earliest known dock, which connected the city to an ancient course of the Sabarmati river on the trade route between Harappan cities in Sindh and the peninsula of Saurashtra when the surrounding Kutch desert of today was a part of the Arabian Sea. …

What does a dockyard of Harappan civilization suggest?

Discovery of a rectangular dockyard at Lothal in Gujarat indicates that the people had maritime trade relations with other civilisations.

Where was the dockyard discovered in Harappan civilization?

Goods were probably loaded and unloaded here. The city where the dockyard was found stood beside a tributary of Sabarmati in Gujarat. Complete answer: The dockyard at Indus valley civilization was found in lothal.

What is the significance of dockyard?

a waterside area containing docks, workshops, warehouses, etc., for building, outfitting, and repairing ships, for storing naval supplies, etc. British. a navy yard.

What were the two main parts of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro cities?

Most of the cities like Harappa and Mohenjodaro were divided into two parts. The part that was built on a raised height is called the citadel or ‘acropolis’. The part with a low height but a larger area is called the lower town. The citadel was built on a raised ground and had high walls made of bricks.

Which was the major port of Harappan civilization?

AHMEDABAD: Dholavira and Lothal two of the best known Harappan sites in Gujarat were perhaps the only major ports of the ancient civilization.

What were the two main parts of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro cities?

Which is the most important seal of the Harappan civilization?

Pashupati Seal
The most famous seal is the Pashupati Seal of Harappan civilization from Mohenjo Daro. It is a seal with a figure seated cross-legged in the centre with animals around; an elephant and a tiger to the right of the figure and rhino and a buffalo to its left.

Which city is called as mini Harappa?

Lothal city
Lothal city is called mini – Harappa. Lothal was one of the southernmost cities of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, located in the Bhal region of the modern state of Gujarāt.