What Is Character Creation and How To Make It?

Game character art is a popular niche in the game development field. There are multiple reasons for that: the desire to show off talents and imagination, as well as skills that were acquired along the studying process. Numerous software applications, each with unique functionality and hundreds, if not thousands of video courses also support the development process.


What Is Game Character Art?

Character art is a process of character creation for movies or games. Artists can make various creatures, mystery beasts, people, animals, robots, aliens, and other imaginable things. Sometimes the task describes unfamiliar things, so designers use their imagination and try to recreate the character based on the text. For games, illustrators often need to rig their characters and make smooth movement, since the player can use many interactions at the same time.


Orders can relate to 3D and 2D workspaces. There are few major differences between them. 3D makes it easy to rotate the character and see it with different perspectives. 2D is a flat image that does not give you such an opportunity. However, system requirements are usually less demanding for the second option.


Consider the App to Work With

The most popular application for sculpting is called ZBrush. It has a user-friendly interface and many functions that would make it easy and fast to do sculpting. If you order character design from any 3D animation company, most likely they will use ZBrush for their projects.


What to Pay Attention to While Making a Character Art?

Before entering the modeling sphere, try to understand what kind of characters you want to draw. Find your niche. Try creating robots, forest creatures, animals, aliens, and other models. You will understand what you like the most, and then try to aim for that topic. It is much more convenient to learn something in detail than to know everything on a beginner level.


What Styles Can Be Used?

There is a bunch of different styles artists can work with. There is no official classification and names, but you can definitely name the popular ones. 

  • Pixel art. Graphics consist of clearly visible pictures. The color scheme depends on genre.
  • Realistic style. Such characters look life-like. It takes more time to create the detalization for them, as well as render, but the result is worth the wait.
  • Cartoonish style is usually popular for kids games, puzzles, and mobile timekillers.

Try out creating characters of many styles to understand which one you enjoy doing the most.



In the future, you can provide your own game art services and earn money. There are many ways to make a living with 2D and 3D art. You can either apply for the job in a studio or be a freelance artist. Make the portfolio of your works to attract attention of the potentional customer.