What is Army SQI 2?

What is Army SQI 2?

(SQI: 2 – Army Training Development, SQI: 8 – Army Instructor) Responsible for the training, development and delivery of Doctrine and Tactics Training (DTT); responsible for delivering Verification and Validation (V&V) of New Equipment Training (NET) training material; responsible for delivering Instructor and Key …

What is ASI 2C?

Code: 2B: Air Assault. Code: 2C: Javelin Gunnery.

What is ASI on ERB?

In the Army, Additional Skill Identifiers (ASIs) show extra skills, training, and qualification a soldier may possess. These skills are in addition to their Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) classification. Some ASI’s are awarded only to a soldier in a specified MOS. Other ASI’s can be awarded to soldiers in any MOS.

What is SQI quality?

The SQI: A Service Quality Index to Measure and Reward Individual Companies Within a Well Construction Partnership. The absence of a tool to measure the contribution of each partner led to the development of the Service Quality Index (SQI).

What is a special qualification identifier (SQI)?

Each ASI can also have Special Qualification Identifiers (SQIs) attached to them. SQIs detail the special qualities the soldier must display to be awarded an ASI. Soldiers will attend specialty schools that are directly connected to their assigned MOS.

What is the difference between SQI schools and ASI schools?

SQI schools are considered specialty schools. The difference between SQI and ASI schools is that SQI schools are MOS-specific. For example, an Infantryman cannot attend Court Reporter School, but an Army paralegal can.

What does SQI mean on a warrant officer MOSC?

The SQI is represented in the fifth character of the warrant officer MOSC and may be used to represent functional career tracks with an MOS. When no special qualifications apply, the digit “0” (zero) is recorded in the fifth position.

What are the different types of SQIs?

List of SQIs . A – Technical Intelligence C – NBC D – Civil Affairs E – Military Mountaineering Instructor F – Flying Status G – Ranger H – Instructor I – Installer (Electronic) K – Logistics NCO L – Linguist M – First Sergeant N – Joint Planner O – No Special Qualifications P – Parachutist Q – Equal Opportunity Advisor