What is administrative distance of OSPF?

What is administrative distance of OSPF?

By default, OSPF has a default administrative distance of 110 and RIP has a default administrative distance of 120. Administrative distance values can, however, usually be adjusted manually by a network administrator.

What is the difference between OSPF E1 and E2 routes?

Basically the difference between E1 and E2 external routes is: E1 includes – the internal cost to ASBR added to the external cost, E2 does not include – internal cost. it is same as external cost.

How do I change administrative distance in OSPF?

To set an administrative distance:

  1. For RIP and OSPF, issue the distance command in Router Configuration mode. host1(config-router)#distance 100. The range for administrative distance is 0–255.
  2. For IS-IS, issue the distance ip command in Router Configuration mode. host1(config-router)#distance 80 ip.

What is the administrative distance of OSPF Mcq?

Solution(By Examveda Team) OSPF has an AD of 110. RIPv1 and RIPv2 both have an AD of 120, and EIGRP is the lowest, at 90.

How do you calculate administrative distance?

You can display the administrative distance of all routes on your router by typing the show ip route command:

  1. In the case above, the router has only a single route in its routing table learned from a dynamic routing protocols – the EIGRP route.
  2. Metric.
  3. RIP has been configured on all routers.

How does OSPF choose best path?

If there are multiple routes to a network with the same route type, the OSPF metric calculated as cost based on the bandwidth is used for selecting the best route. The route with the lowest value for cost is chosen as the best route.

What is the best possible value for administrative distance?

An administrative distance is a number between 0 and 255, with the lower number being better. The AD of 0 indicates the most trusted route (the directly connected network). The AD of 255 means that the route will not be trusted.

What is the use of distance in OSPF?

First, we used it to change the administrative distance of all OSPF routes on a router. Second, we used distance along with an ACL in order to change the distance of one particular route without changing it on the others. The odd thing is that IOS Help displayed distance and distance ospf, and we used distance.

What is open shortest path first (OSPF)?

The Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol, defined in RFC 2328 , is an Interior Gateway Protocol used to distribute routing information within a single Autonomous System. This paper examines how OSPF works and how it can be used to design and build large and complicated networks.

Why can’t I use distance OSPF with ACLS?

The only real problem with distance ospf is that it does not allow the use of ACLs to filter out some routes. If we wanted to change the AD of only one of the external routes in that table, we’d have to use distance instead, and use an ACL to indicate which route to change. As IOS Help showed us, there’s no ACL option with distance ospf.

What is the default administrative distance of a rip route?

The routing table shows that the router prefers the RIP routes. The router learns RIP routes with an administrative distance of 90, although the default is 120. Note that the new administrative distance value is relevant only to the routing process of a single router (in this case R1). R2 still has IGRP routes in the routing table.