What is a telwan ceremony?

What is a telwan ceremony?

During the Telwan ceremony, coconut oil is rubbed over the bride’s body by her family members. Following the Telwan ceremony, the groom’s family hosts the Bhatwaan ceremony, where the groom and his family will have a great time. It’s the final day of celebration at the groom’s home.

What is bhatwan?

Saturday is Bhatwan or Farewell Night, and from early in the morning, there is a beehive of activity at both the Ramlal and Bissram residences.

What is Kangan wedding?

Kangans are a type of bangles that hold their own relevance within the wedding universe. A pair of Kangans symbolises a happy union, and in most North Indian cultures, it is quite customary for the mother-in-law to gift an exquisite pair of the same to the daughter-in-law.

What is a Haldi ceremony?

Preet and Mike performed the ‘Haldi’ ceremony, a pre-wedding ritual held the day before the wedding where a turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom, at their respective homes. The Haldi ceremony is an intimate affair celebrated during the day, with close family members and friends.

Is Roka and engagement same?

A roka ceremony is a traditional function where the families of the bride and groom meet each other and discuss the engagement, wedding and reception. In short, the roka marks the beginning of the wedding festivities which are to follow.

What is muh Dikhai?

Literally translated, mooh dikhai means ‘show your face’, but this is a ritual, which helps to introduce the newly wed to members of her husband’s family! Each member of the groom’s family comes in turn to make an acquaintance with the new bride and shower her with gifts.

Why do Indian brides carry a coconut?

In Indian weddings, coconut is used as an offering. It is a sacred fruit that symbolizes selflessness. When bride and groom tie the knots of marriage, a coconut represents giving each other selflessly in the relationship, keeping the egos aside.

What is LAWA in Hindu wedding?

Laaja Homam translates to ‘the offering of puffed rice to the sacred fire’ from its Sanskrit origins. During this stage of the Hindu marriage, the bride offers rice with the help of her brother wishing her husband a long life and for the proliferation of their family.

What is kangana ceremony?

Kangana bandhna is the first ritual that is performed on the morning of the wedding day. A sacred thread is also known as mouli is tied on the wrist of the bride and the groom separately at their respective homes.

What happens first mehendi or haldi?

First there’s the Haldi Ceremony. After the Haldi Ceremony, the women gather together for the Mehndi Night which is sometimes combined with the ladies’ Sangeet. During the Mehndi Night the bride has to sit still for hours while she gets her bridal mehndi (also known as henna) applied to her arms and feet.