What is a restricted 5 team in cheer?

What is a restricted 5 team in cheer?

The Senior Restricted Level 5 division is open to all female (0 males) or female/male (limit 1-4 males) teams with participants 18 years and younger and the team size limit of 5 – 36 members.

How old do you have to be to be on a level 5 Cheer Team?

All-Star Team Age Divisions

Junior* (See Restrictions) 5-14 yrs old 5-38 Members
Senior* (See Restrictions) 10-18yrs old 5-38 Members
Junior 14 yrs & younger 5-38 Members

How old do you have to be to cheerlead?

Once you hit eighteen years of age, you may not be able to be a part of All-Star Cheer, but you can begin to think about cheerleading in college….In other words, you are never too old to start cheerleading.

Tiny 5-6 years old
Youth 5-11 years old
Junior 5-14 years old
Senior 10-18 years old

What is the highest level of cheerleading?

Cheerleading Levels at a Glance

  • Have you ever wondered what makes a cheerleading routine a certain level?
  • Firstly, let’s begin with how cheerleading levels are established.
  • Based on the ICU, cheerleading ranges from Levels 0 to 6, with 0 being the beginner level to 6 being the most challenging.

What is Level 5 in all star cheer?

Level 5: standing tumbling to full/double, running tumbling to full/double, full, 1.5, and double twisting mounts, double twisting dismount from extended single leg, all advanced release moves • Level 6: tumbling is comparable to level 5, free-flipping mounts, flipping tosses, 2.5 high pyramids (an athlete holding an …

What is level 6 in All Star Cheer?

level 6- requirements are, Tumbling: Standing full, Running double full Stunting: one man, a single based cupie, a double down from one leg, tuck tosses, and a full twist toss, a tick-tock at extended level with a single base.

Can you start cheer 11?

In a word: yes! It is never too late to learn how to cheer. Consider the Canadian National Co-Ed team, winners of the bronze medal at the World Championships this past April: of its 27 members, only six started cheering before high school.

Is All Star cheer harder than football?

According to a recent study, cheerleading is definitely more dangerous than football, that is if by “danger” you are talking about risk of injury. According to a recent study by Columbus Children’s Hospital in Ohio, there were 22,900 cheerleading-related injuries treated in emergency rooms in 2002.