What is a 10-35 police code?

What is a 10-35 police code?

10-34 Assist at office. 10-35 Time check. 10-36 Confidential information. 10-37 Identify the operator.

What is a 38 in police code?

Police and other agencies use 10 codes to verbally communicate efficiently….Police 10 Codes. General Purpose.

10-1 Unable Copy – Change Location
10-38 Stopping Suspicious Vehicle
10-39 Urgent – Use Light, Siren
10-40 Silent Run – No Light, Siren
10-41 Beginning Tour of Duty

What does a 10 35 mean?

Major Crime Alert
10-35. Major Crime Alert. Get a Stolen Auto Report.

What is a 10 33 police code?

For example, in the NYPD system, Code 10-13 means “Officer needs help,” whereas in the APCO system “Officer needs help” is Code 10–33.

What is a 10 41 police code?

Police 10 Codes

Code General Purpose Walnut Creek, CA
10-40 Silent Run – No Light, Siren Is ___ Available for Phone Call?
10-41 Beginning Tour of Duty
10-42 Ending Tour of Duty
10-43 Information

What are the 10 codes for Codiac RCMP?

Maritimes RCMP Police 10 Codes For the 10 codes for Codiac RCMP, refer to the Westmorland County WikiPage as they may differ a bit. 10-1 SIGNAL WEAK 10-2 SIGNAL GOOD 10-3 STOP TRANSMITTING 10-4 AFFIRMATIVE 10-5 RELAY (TO)

What does it mean to have police code 10-38?

Police Code 10-38. What does police code 10-38 mean? Police code 10-38 means Traffic stop. Police Code 10-35. Police Code 10-36. Police Code 10-37. Police Code 10-39.

What is the RCMP code for running radar?

Signal 60- Drugs Signal 11- Running Radar Code 0- Game Crash Code 1 Routine Job: Proceed Normal Traffic Conditions. Code 2: use lights and sirens when crossing intersections Code 3: Very Urgent Matter- Imminent risk of death: Proceed lights AND sirens

Where can I find the police 10 code?

10-88 Present telephone number of … 10-90 Bank alarm at … These are additional resources for Police Codes. If there are any Police Codes that are not in the list above here is a custom search that is tuned to provide search results geared to the Police Codes in your area.