What happens if you eat tomato and cucumber?

What happens if you eat tomato and cucumber?

There are stomach diseases In the test, the combination of tomatoes and cucumbers is very good, but do you know that eating them together can cause stomach problems. According to experts, eating cucumber – tomatoes together can cause problems like gas, bloating, stomach pain, nausea, fatigue and indigestion.

What is a French cucumber?


What is bad about eating tomatoes?

Tomatoes are packed with an alkaloid called solanine. Consistent research shows that excessive consumption of tomatoes can result in swelling and pain in the joints as they are packed with an alkaloid called solanine. The Solanine is responsible for building up calcium in the tissues and it later leads to inflammation.

How do you eat a raw cucumber?

Easy to Add to Your Diet. Mild with a distinctly crisp and refreshing flavor, cucumbers are commonly enjoyed fresh or pickled in everything from salads to sandwiches. Cucumbers are also often eaten raw as a low-calorie snack or can be paired with hummus, olive oil, salt or salad dressing to add a bit more flavor.

Which cucumber is the healthiest?

Cucumbers are members of the plant family Cucurbitaceae, which also includes squashes and melons. The most common type of slicing cucumber found in a grocery store is the garden cucumber, Cucumis sativus, according to World’s Healthiest Foods.

What is the best cucumber to eat?

The celebrated Straight Eight is reliable and smooth, with heavy yields. Plus, it’s easy to slice. Lemon cucumbers are round and yellow just as their name would suggest. Their delicate skin and light flavor mean lemon cucumbers often get eaten in the garden.

How to make tomato salad with cucumbers and onions?

Cut into slices and put into a glass serving bowl. Cut tomatoes into bite sized chunks and add to the cucumbers. Cut the onion slices into quarters and add to the bowl. Whisk together the oil, vinegar, sugar, herbs, salt and pepper and pour over the salad.

How to make sweet and sour cucumber salad?

Peel cucumbers and cut into thin slices. Slice onion thin. Combine and season with salt, mix well. Let stand for 1 hour, stirring once in a while so flavors will blend evenly. It will become watery. Rinse well in cold water 3 or 4 times, then drain. Put in bowl and add the sugar and vinegar mixture; let it stand in the fridge till cold.

How to make sweet and sour tomato salad?

Thinly slice the tomatoes. Cut the onion in half through root end, then thinly slice into half-circles. In a large bowl, toss together tomatoes, onion, sugar, vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper. You may adjust the amounts of vinegar and sugar according to your taste. Serve at room temperature.

How to make sweet and sour cucumber and Vidalia onion salad?

Toss the vegetables together in a medium bowl. In a smaller bowl, combine the vinegar, sugar (I use Splenda), dill, salt and pepper. Mix that together and pour it over the veggies. Toss until everything is coated well. Serve immediately or refrigerate and serve later. Enjoy! Like This Recipe? Pin It!