What happened in Episode 2 of Sword Art Online?

What happened in Episode 2 of Sword Art Online?

Kirito attends a meeting organized by fellow beta-tester Diabel, who announces to the attendants that his party, a group of characters adventuring together in a role-playing game, has found Illfang the Kobold Lord, the boss of the first floor. Parties are formed, and Kirito teams up with a young girl named Asuna.

What is Aincrad Sao?

Aincrad is an iron-and-stone made floating castle that has about ten kilometers floor base diameter and consists of a hundred floors stacking straight upwards, meaning that each floor’s diameter is a bit smaller than the previous one.

Will Sao go back to Aincrad?

Titled Sword Art Online Progressive, the new project won’t actually continue the story. It will instead go back to the Aincrad arc. It’s based on Reki Kawahara’s light novel with the same title that focuses on expanding the events of the original story.

Why did kirito lie about his level?

Kirito lied about his true level, claiming it to be around the level of the guild members, when in fact his level was two times higher than the one claimed. Since Keita believed that Kirito was around their level and would be soon invited to join a guild, he invited him to join them.

What level is asuna in Sword Art Online?

On floor 74, volume 1 chapter 9, when kirito and asuna do their first party together, they kirito mentions “their levels are probably not that far off” and its also stated that asuna and the leader of KoB are considered the 2 strongest warrior in aincrad. She was 94 and he was 96.

Did Kirito beat all 100 floors?

At the end of the Aincrad arc, Kirito faced Skull Reaper (boss of the floor) and found out that the Guild Master of the Knights of the Blood was the GM himself. After beating him, Aincrad was destroyed and floors 76-100 were still untouched.

Which is the second episode of Sword Art Online?

You can help Sword Art Online Wiki by improving it. Beater (ビーター, Bītā?) is the second episode of the Sword Art Online anime adaptation, as well as the second episode in the Aincrad Arc. It aired on July 14, 2012.

Is there a Sword Art Online Aincrad 2?

Unfortunately, this one is a mix of both, while it does provide insights into Kirito and Asuna and their role in Aincrad, it does little to provide us with anything in the way of whats next.

Which is the first arc in Sword Art Online?

Aincrad (アインクラッド, Ainkuraddo?) is the 1st Arc (第一部, Dai Ichi-bu?) in the Sword Art Online series . On November 6, 2022, the first and highly anticipated Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ( VRMMORPG) for a special VR console, called the NerveGear, began its official service at 13:00 JST.

Who is the author of Sword Art Online?

Sword Art Online is an anime television series based on light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec.