What does Tommy Gravesen do now?

What does Tommy Gravesen do now?

He now resides in a luxurious Las Vegas gated residency with Czech model wife Kamila Persse, alongside celebrity neighbours including Nicolas Cage and Andre Agassi.

How rich is Thomas Gravesen?

Ex-Real Madrid star Thomas Gravesen lives in Las Vegas, is said to have a £100m fortune and loves playing poker.

Where is Thomas Gravesen from?

Vejle, Denmark
Thomas Gravesen/Place of birth

Is Flamini the richest footballer?

With these two companies, and their football revenues, Flamini’s net worth is reported to be £ 30 billion. This would place him as the second richest footballer on the planet: behind Leicester’s Faiq Bolkiah, who is Brunei aristocrat. And, interestingly, in front of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

How much is Kanye West worth?

1.8 billion USD (2021)
Kanye West/Net worth

What is Arsenal’s net worth?

Arsenal is the eighth most valuable soccer team on the planet, worth $2.8 billion, according to Forbes’ calculations.

Who is Thomas Gravesen and what is his net worth?

Big bucks: Retired Everton midfielder Thomas Gravesen has built up a net worth of more than £80million

Who is Thomas Gravesen’s girlfriend in Las Vegas?

Thomas Gravesen moves to Las Vegas, with girlfriend Kamila Persse, worth over £80m | Daily Mail Online We all know Premier League players live the dream, but when they retire from their playing…

How much did Thomas Gravesen lose in one game of Poker?

Rumours claim that he made a £100 million fortune in America, while there are reports suggesting he lost £54 million in a single game of poker. And, thanks to Daily Mail, we look at five of the whackiest Gravesen stories that are included in his new biography.

When did Thomas Gravesen retire from the Premier League?

We all know Premier League players live the dream but when they retire, more often than not, they drift out of the picture. That’s exactly what happened to former Everton midfielder Thomas Gravesen, though he has done a bit more than the odd coaching role after hanging up his boots in 2009.