What does Plateable mean?

What does Plateable mean?

Filters. That can be plated (covered with another material). adjective.

What is the dictionary meaning of unpalatable?

1 : not palatable : distasteful unpalatable wines. 2 : unpleasant, disagreeable raising income tax rates is politically unpalatable— Mary Rowland.

What is the part of speech of palatable?

part of speech: adjective. definition 1: acceptable or pleasing to the sense of taste. The dish didn’t look very appetizing but it was surprisingly palatable.

What does it mean to make something more palatable?

If you describe food or drink as palatable, you mean that it tastes pleasant. [formal] flavorings and preservatives, designed to make the food look more palatable. Synonyms: delicious, tasty, luscious, savoury More Synonyms of palatable.

What is synonym for palatable?

Some common synonyms of palatable are appetizing, savory, tasty, and toothsome. While all these words mean “agreeable or pleasant especially to the sense of taste,” palatable often applies to something that is found to be merely agreeable.

What is the synonym of the word palatable?

What is the meaning of the word palatable?

1 : agreeable to the palate or taste The restaurant’s chicken dishes are quite palatable. 2 : agreeable or acceptable to the mind attempted to make physics palatable to a broader range of students Other Words from palatable Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym How Should You Use palatable? More Example Sentences Learn More About palatable

What is the origin of palatable food?

Palatable has been used in English to refer to palate-pleasing foods since 1619, but it isn’t our only—or our oldest—adjective for agreeable tastes. Savory dates from the 14th century. Toothsome has been around since 1551. Tasty was first used in the early 17th century.

How to make your culture more palatable and scalable?

Today easier, more palatable treatment taken once per day costs a few rands. So just the fact that these beverages are more palatable for some people than water might encourage people to drink more. This is a good time to start building processes and templates that make your culture more palatable and scalable.

How do you make the purchase of a house more palatable?

So to make the purchase more palatable, companies like Sunrun and Vivint began to offer various kinds of leases. The Muslim populace who love and support you will never find palatable …the scenes of slaughtering the hostages. Cummings, however, has proven far more controversial and arguably less palatable than her contemporaries.