What does Alois Trancy smell like?

What does Alois Trancy smell like?

This fragrant tea has sweet notes of vanilla, honey, blueberry, and earl grey. It is a tea that just wants to be loved.

Why is Alois obsessed with Ciel?

Black Butler 2 Starts with Alois wanting “Ciel”, because he thought Ciel made a Deal with the Demon that took away his brother’s(Luka) Soul. Finally he starts to fight for Ciel’s Soul, ignoring completely Alois and just using him to obtain Ciel’s Soul (Take another shot every time i say “Ciel’s Soul” ).

How do you annoy Alois Trancy?

20 ways to annoy Alois Trancy

  1. Run towards Alois with your arms spread out, stop infront of him and spin around; smacking him in the process.
  2. Stare at Alois for the entire day.
  3. Cosplay as Ciel, continue your day normally and ignore him for the whole day.

Is Alois Trancy a boy or a girl?

Appearance. Alois is a teenage boy with icy blue eyes and platinum blond hair; a singular, noticeable cowlick curls up to the left.

Is Alois in love with Claude?

Alois and Claude lived together for a long time. Faustus felt more and more respect for his master. Trancy became attached to a spider demon and started to subconsciously fall in love with him. However, Claude’s feelings for Alois changed after tasting Ciel Phantomhive’s blood.

What kind of clothes does Alois Trancy wear?

He wears a long, plum purple frock coat; a forest green waistcoat with vertical black stripes and a black back; a white button-up shirt; black shorts or black trousers; long black stockings; knee-high brown high heel boots with purple laces; and a charcoal ribbon tied in a large bow around his neck.

What’s the real name of Earl Alois Trancy?

Hoheo Taralna, Rondero Tarel. Earl Alois Trancy (アロイス・トランシー, Aroisu Toranshi) is the head of the Trancy household. His real name is Jim Macken (ジム・マッケン, Jimu Makken ). Alois is a teenage boy with icy blue eyes and platinum blond hair; a singular, noticeable cowlick curls up to the left.

Who is Alois Trancy’s Butler in Kuroshitsuji?

One of Alois’s few consistent traits is his attachment to his butler Claude Faustus, whose attention he constantly tries to attract. He showcases an extreme need for affection and acknowledgement. Alois punishes Hannah Annafellows.

What kind of personality does Alois Trancy have?

Alois seems to have an overall effervescent and cheerful disposition in spite of hardships and misgivings. However, his emotions are quite unpredictable and suspicious, fluctuating from enthusiastic and hyperactive to angry and cantankerous the next and he loses interest in things fairly quickly.