What do you need to know about Cidex OPA solution?

What do you need to know about Cidex OPA solution?

CIDEX ® OPA Solution 1 Product Description. CIDEX ® OPA Solution is a high-level disinfectant for reprocessing reusable heat-sensitive semi-critical medical devices such as endoscopic, respiratory therapy, and anesthesia equipment. 2 Features 3 Training. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How long is Cidex OPA test strips reusable?

This solution is reusable for up to 14 days; to monitor the solution’s efficacy during reuse, CIDEX OPA Test Strips are also available and sold separately. Vitality Medical offers a full line of Hospital Disinfectants and Clean Room Supplies, such as Sunset Healthcare Solutions’ CPAP Cleaning Wipes .

What’s the shelf life of Cidex medical disinfectant?

Cost-effective — Packaged in economical gallon jugs, the solution is reusable for up to 14 days (monitor with CIDEX Test Strips, item number 20392 – sold separately). The medical disinfectant boasts a 75-day shelf life after opening and a two-year shelf life when unopened. Safe for Personnel — Low-vapor formula is ready-to-use.

How do I get a Cidex OPA strip log sheet?

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Is it safe to use Cidex OPA on bladder cancer patients?

In rare instances CIDEX OPA Solution has been associated with anaphylaxis-like reactions in bladder cancer patients undergoing repeated cystoscopies. 2. CIDEX OPA Solution should not be utilized to process instrumentation for patients with known sensitivity to CIDEX OPA Solution or any of its components. 3.

How long can Cidex OPA be kept in a sealed container?

CIDEX OPA Solution should be stored in its original sealed container at controlled room temperature 15 – 30ϒC (59 – 86ϒF) in a well-ventilated, low-traffic area. 2. Once opened, the unused portion of the solution may be stored in the original container for up to 75 days until used.