What do the colours on the Story Bridge mean?

What do the colours on the Story Bridge mean?

You may have noticed Brisbane’s iconic landmark the Story Bridge illuminated with different colours each night. Typically each lighting display on the bridge is to commemorate a special day in history, raise awareness for charities and showcase upcoming events.

What color is the Story Bridge?

Where there are no bookings for the Story Bridge or Victoria Bridge, the ‘City of Brisbane’ colours of blue and gold will be displayed.

Why is the Story Bridge purple?

The first time was simply to show off the bridge’s ability to change colour with the new lighting setup, but this time the colours were purple for Brisbane’s Greek Festival, Paniyiri. The Story Bridge lights were meant to be blue and white to support Paniyiri, but somehow they were purple.

What is the green light in Brisbane?

The technology will see emergency vehicles transmit information via Bluetooth to receiving stations along busy Brisbane road corridors in high priority cases, turning lights green and therefore enabling them to reach their destination up to 26 percent quicker.

How long is the Story Bridge?

777 m
Story Bridge/Total length

How long is the Story Bridge Climb?

approximately 2 hours
The climb experience takes approximately 2 hours. This includes your briefing, safety demonstration and the climb route. What should I wear? All climbers are supplied with a fully enclosed climb suit.

What is under the Story Bridge?

In Queensland style, a large jacaranda tree will be planted at the city-end entrance, under the Story Bridge. A two-level underground car park that will hold 359 vehicles is being excavated, underneath a seven-storey, five-star boutique hotel with 164 rooms that will be operated by the Deague Group.

Can the Story Bridge open?

July 6, 1940
Story Bridge/Opened

What do you wear to the Story Bridge Climb?

Dress code & What to bring Please wear comfortable clothing and enclosed rubber sole footwear. Climb suit is provided. Cameras, mobile phones or any loose items are not permitted on the bridge. Secure lockers are provided for your personal items.

Can you walk on the Story Bridge?

The rest of the path to the Story Bridge is a delightful jumble of tiny pocket parks with picnic shelters and playgrounds, a mini mangrove forest, steel Expo ’88 sculptures and benches. Turn left into Thornton St and take the pedestrian entrance up to the Story Bridge walkway.

How long is the Story Bridge in Brisbane?

Why is it called the Storey Bridge?

The Story Bridge was opened on 6 July 1940 by Sir Leslie Orme Wilson, Governor of Queensland and named for John Douglas Story, a senior and influential public servant who had advocated strongly for the bridge’s construction. When the Story Bridge first opened in 1940 the toll charge for motor cars was 6d.

How tall is the Story Bridge in Brisbane?

Story Bridge stands 44m (143 ft.) above the roadway and 80m (262 ft.) above the Brisbane River. From its opening in 1940 till 1947, there was a toll of sixpence (5 cents) to use the bridge. Today, there are no tolls on Story Bridge.

Where to see Story Bridge light colours in Brisbane?

Or if you would prefer to stake out a casual spot along the river bring along your own chair and picnic rug to Captain Burke Park or the cliffs at Kangaroo Point or Wilson’s Outlook in New Farm. Brisbane City Council coordinates the colours, and you can find out which colour is next and why here.

Why is the story bridge important to Queensland?

Today, The Story Bridge is known for its LED lighting displays that can be seen along the length of the Brisbane River, and as the home of the Brisbane bridge climb. To commemorate this important Queensland landmark, the State Library has collected a number of materials documenting the development of the Story Bridge.

What are the colours of the story bridge?

Story Bridge is illuminated at night and the colours change depending on the occasion. The usual colour is a yellowish-orange; however, in the past, it has been illuminated in red, green and purple. In 2004, it was illuminated in blue for an ovarian cancer awareness campaign.