What do the colored dots on new tires mean?

What do the colored dots on new tires mean?

On the sidewall of most new tires are red and yellow painted dots. These are markers or guides to be aligned with particular points on the wheel. The less lead used for wheel weights, the lower the cost for balancing. The more weights are used, the higher the cost to balance your tires.

How do you get color spots off new tires?

How to Get the Colored Dot off of New Tire Sidewalls

  1. Hose off the tire if it is dirty. Remove any excess dirt or mud.
  2. Apply a tire cleaner to the spot.
  3. Wipe with a rag if required.
  4. Rinse if required.
  5. Apply a protectant when the tire is dry, to prolong the beauty of the tire.

What is the yellow dot on new tires?

Weight Method (Yellow Mark) When performing weight match-mounting, the yellow mark on the tire, indicating the point of lightest weight, should be aligned with the valve stem on the wheel assembly, which represents the heaviest weight point of the wheel assembly.

What does the white dot on a tire mean?

Dynamic Balancing Dot
The White Dot (Dynamic Balancing Dot) Regardless of the type of wheel, if there is no red dot, mount the tire with the white dot next to the valve stem. The white dot indicates the overall light dynamic balance point of the tire. In other words, it’s as though the white dot represents a bit lighter in the area of tire.

What does the red and yellow dot mean on new tires?

The Weight Method If it is lined up with the yellow dot, the valve stem is located at the heaviest part of the tire. If it is lined up with the red dot, then it is located at the lightest part of the tire. These dots guide the technician to make sure that the tire is properly balanced during installation.

Which side of a tire faces out?

Whether it’s directional or not, an asymmetric tire is designed to use one specific side as its outboard side. That side must always face outward regardless of any other positioning restrictions.

Where does red dot on tire go?

First, if the tire has a red dot, the yellow dot is ignored! The red dot is then lined up with either the “low point dimple” (on steel wheels) or next to the valve stem on alloy wheels. Regardless of the type of wheel, if there is no red dot, the yellow dot is positioned next to the valve stem.

What is the best cleaner for tires?

  1. Editor’s Pick: Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel.
  2. Car Guys Tire Shine Spray.
  3. Adam’s Deep Wheel Cleaner.
  4. Black Magic Wet Tire Foam.
  5. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel.
  6. Meguiar’s D14001 Wheel Brightener.
  7. Black Magic Tire Wet Spray.
  8. Chemical Guys Blue Guard II Wet Look Premium Dressing.

What is the red dot on my Tyres?

Applying to original equipment (the wheels and tyres the factory fitted your car with) the red dot indicates the radial force variation (RFV) high point of the tyre. During fitting the red dot is matched to a drill mark or dot sticker on a wheel which indicates the wheel’s low point for radial runout.

How do I stop my tires from blooming?

Tire browning is usually called blooming. It’s a continuing process that can be prevented by thoroughly cleaning and protecting the tires….After cleaning, it’s time for some tire protection that can be achieved in several ways:

  1. Using common tire dressing. Water-based. Solvent-based.
  2. Using tire wax.
  3. Using tire sealant.