What do I do if I have lost my Freedom Pass?

What do I do if I have lost my Freedom Pass?

Lost, stolen or faulty Freedom Pass

  1. Online on the Freedom Pass website.
  2. By calling 0300 330 1433 (call charges may apply)

Is the Freedom Pass being discontinued?

Approximately 650 current Freedom Pass holders per borough, a total of 21,000 (1.6 per cent of the total across London) have not responded. These Freedom Passes will be stopped from 3 February.

What area does Freedom Pass cover?

Freedom Pass is valid at any time between Liverpool Street and Clapton and also Liverpool Street and Stoke Newington on London Overground. On NR services for these routes, Freedom Pass is valid from 09.30 Monday to Friday and at any time on weekends and public holidays.

How do I change my address on my Freedom Pass?

Change of address: You must inform the Freedom Pass team: 0300 330 1433 (local call rate) / [email protected]. If we do not hold your correct address you may not receive a replacement pass when your current pass expires.

Can I use my Freedom Pass to travel to Brighton?

Although you can go around in Brighton tapping on and off with your Freedom Pass, unfortunately, you cannot use it to travel from London to Brighton neither by train nor by a coach of the National Express.

How can I renew my Freedom Pass?

If you do not receive a letter by the end of February, you should contact the Freedom Pass Team on [email protected] or call 0300 330 1433. You can renew your Freedom Pass online via the London Councils website.

Can I use my Freedom Pass anywhere in the UK?

Can you use a Freedom Pass anywhere in the UK? If your Freedom Pass has a rose on it, you can use it on bus services across England. English bus passes (including the Freedom Pass) won’t work on buses in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland although you may be able to get concessionary fares.

How do I contact Freedom Pass?

If you have any enquiries about the Freedom Pass please call the dedicated helpline on 0300 330 1433 or email [email protected].

Can I use my Freedom Pass to Luton?

No. In London, the Freedom Pass is an Oyster smartcard that uses a different technology to the one elsewhere in England, so you will need to show your pass. The government is working on a national standard.

Can I use my Freedom Pass to Gatwick?

Free Standard Class travel is available for all freedom pass holders on local rail services after 9.30am. Passes are not valid on Gatwick Express, Heathrow Express or any long distance inter-city train that does not stop at intermediate stations within the freedom pass area.

Can I renew my Freedom Pass online?

If you have already created an account you can login to complete your renewal or to track the progress of your application.

How long does a Freedom Pass last?

five years
The passes are valid for five years at a time and the expiry date can be seen on the front of the card, above your name. People holding an older person’s Freedom Pass must renew it but for disabled permit holders, the process is automatic and a new permit will be sent by the time the current pass expires.