What coolant does Ford recommend?

What coolant does Ford recommend?

Ford Engineers for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Vehicles Motorcraft® antifreeze/coolants meet specific Ford Motor Company engineering standards.

What coolant is equivalent to Motorcraft yellow?

Bottom line is Prestone DexCool® is a safe and readily available alternative to Motorcraft. Ford is going to yellow antifreeze: WSS-M97B57-A1 or M97B57-A2. Mixing of engine coolants may harm your engine’s cooling system.

What Colour is Ford antifreeze?

Brand New Item In Original Packaging. This coolant is concentrate so will have to be mixed with water. This antifreeze was always red/pink in colour, Ford are now producing this in different shades, it will mix with your existing coolant.

What coolant is equivalent to Motorcraft orange?

Alternatives to the Motorcraft orange antifreeze, Focus ST spec WSS-M97B44-D2 that are safe to use. Bottom line is Prestone DexCool® is a safe and readily available alternative to Motorcraft. Other alternatives are certainly available (e.g., Zerex, Peak, etc.)

Can I use Prestone coolant in my Ford?

Yes. Prestone’s Coolant/Antifreeze is guaranteed to be compatible with all cars, vans or light trucks. Thanks to its unique and patented formula, Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze remains the only coolant on the market that can be mixed with another product within the cooling system without causing damage.

Is Motorcraft gold and yellow coolant the same?

Motorcraft Yellow Coolant Backwards Compatibility Transitioning from the Orange to the new Yellow coolant is pretty straight forward because the new product is backward compatible. Customers running the Orange coolant and even the Specialty Green coolant can top off their systems with the new Yellow P-OAT coolant.

What is Ford orange coolant?

Recommended by Ford Motor Company meeting warranty requirements. Orange-colored, longer-life, ethylene glycol-based antifreeze/coolant for use in gasoline and diesel engines, and electric motors. Provides year-round antifreeze, anti-boil and corrosion protection. Ready-to-use.

Does the Colour of antifreeze matter?

The truth is, color is not a reliable predictor for what type of coolant you have. For example, OAT coolants are usually orange, yellow, red or purple. Then the older IAT coolant is green. Coolants that manufacturers sell can confuse matters even more, like Honda’s blue coolant.

What kind of antifreeze do you use in a Ford?

It should be a 50/50 mix with water. Since the truck has green in the engine you shouldn’t mix it with any other colored antifreeze, but if you are going to change and flush the system, you can also use the Gold fluid from Ford. The only antifreeze to stay away from is the Dexcool, orange antifreeze.

What’s the difference between antifreeze and coolant?

While both are interchangeably used for car maintenance, there are various differences between the two. Firstly, antifreeze is one of the components used to create an engine coolant. Basically, a coolant is a 50-50 split of water and an antifreeze formula. Additionally, antifreeze is crucial for lowering the freezing point of engine liquids.

What type of antifreeze should I use?

A 50/50 mix antifreeze, green coolant, would be your best bet. Anything that says “safe for older automobiles” would also work. Be careful of “Extended-Life” additives, as these will eat away at older aluminum, and could cause more harm than good.

Which antifreeze do I Need?

If you live in colder regions of the country, you should mix your glycol based antifreeze with water as well. However, you should use 70% glycol antifreeze and 30% water to provide additional weatherization protection for your vehicle. This will help prevent your engine block from freezing up in extremely cold temperatures.