Three interesting changes to the online gambling industry in 2022

Betting using a legal and licensed bookmaker’s smartphone app is a hobby enjoyed by millions around the world. Followers of sport love to make predictions and place bets on their favourite teams, players and competitions. From soccer lovers in Glasgow to those with a passion for the NHL in Ontario, gambling has global appeal. The exciting news is that in 2022, online betting will be available to more people than ever before. Millions more, thanks to changes to the law.

The betting industry is always evolving and improving. It grows to keep in line with both the demands of professional sport and the opportunities offered by technology. The habits of sports bettors from just a decade ago are almost unrecognisable to those using websites and smartphones to make predictions on tonight’s big game or this weekend’s big boxing event shown live on TV. There’s certainly no slowing progress in the gambling industry.

What should you know before betting? That’s an interesting question and one we aim to answer in this article. You should keep pace with the recent improvements to ensure you enjoy a modern, secure betting experience that presents you with the best chance of landing a winner and a profit. Below we list three interesting changes that have been made to the online gambling industry that could affect how you place your next bet.

What’s going on in the US?

The long-running blanket ban on betting that covered the United States for generations has finally been lifted. Officials at the White House voted to place the decision in the hands of governors in each state. What followed was a frantic flurry of activity. New Jersey reacted with speed, joining Nevada in permitting both land-based and online betting.

Some decided to stick with the current laws while the majority of states remain undecided. In the likes of New York and California, the decision to legalise betting will be put to a vote and it’s hoped there will be a decision made within the next 12 months. Sports lovers hope they will be betting on the next Super Bowl match in February 2023.

The leading betting apps are monitoring the situation carefully as they prepare to react to any changes, pulling the trigger on bringing legal betting to New York and other major states with a huge population. For the bookies, this could be a goldmine but they will be heavily taxed by the state.

More freedoms in Canada

Canadians have been allowed to place bets on professional sports for many years but theirs was a restrictive market which made finding value difficult. There was little competition which made for poor odds and a service that, at times, wasn’t fit for purposes. All that has changed this year already.

Recent amendments to the law mean bettors in Canada can now place multiple style bets on sports, including parlays. This allows them to target bigger odds and a larger profit on the sports they hold dear, including the NHL. Bettors immediately responded and we saw a spike in the number of people wagering on Super Bowl LVI with those bets being far more varied than they were in the past.

Canada still doesn’t have the kind of healthy competition enjoyed in the United Kingdom but the country does appear to be heading in that direction. It shouldn’t be much longer before Canadians wagering on sport have even more freedoms.

Bicoin has arrived

Until recently, bettors covered their stakes by depositing using debit cards like VISA and Mastercard or popular e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. That has changed thanks to the arrival of cryptocurrencies at the online gambling market.

Bettors can now add funds to their betting account through their Bitcoin account with transfer secure and insured. Your deposits using crypto will be added to your betting account instantly while withdrawals are made with a single click. This is perfect if you are betting on the go or eager to get your stake down and bet confirmed before the odds change.

When betting using Bitcoin you will enjoy double the protection. Once from the Bitcoin site and again from the betting app you are using to make your gambles.