The best ticketing software based on CRM in 2023


Ticket sales require effective customer management experience, databases, and sales processes. Therefore, ticketing companies need a powerful CRM system specifically designed to launch and control their ticketing business. In this article, we present some of the best ticketing software solutions based on CRM in 2023. For detailed information about each one, please visit the official websites (see below).


PromoTicketCRM is an integrated CRM system created specifically for ticketing and ticketing business management. It offers a wide range of features to enable a company to effectively manage customer contacts, customer databases, orders, and sales processes. PromoTicketCRM allows companies to automate ticketing processes, manage inventory, track ticket availability in real-time, conduct marketing campaigns, and analyze data to make informed decisions. Flexibility and powerful capabilities make PromoTicketCRM one of the market leaders in ticketing software with CRM. The official website:

TicketMaster CRM

TicketMaster CRM is another popular ticketing software solution with CRM. TicketMaster gives companies the ability to efficiently manage customer contacts, orders, and events. It offers integration with a variety of ticketing channels, including online platforms and physical outlets. TicketMaster CRM also provides analytical tools to analyze sales data, analyze customer behavior and predict ticket demand. The official website:


Eventbrite is an event management platform that also offers CRM features to manage ticket sales. Eventbrite allows companies to create and sell tickets for various events, while the CRM functionality provides efficient management of customer data, orders, and communication with customers. It also provides tools for analyzing sales data, marketing, and managing loyalty programs. The official website:

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is one of the most common and powerful CRM systems on the market. While Salesforce doesn’t specialize solely in ticketing, it provides many features and tools that can be useful for ticketing companies. Salesforce CRM allows you to effectively manage customer data, orders, marketing campaigns, and analytics. With flexible customization and scalability, Salesforce CRM can be tailored to the different needs of a ticketing business. The official website:


Selling tickets requires effective management of customer experience, databases, and sales processes. In 2023, there are several excellent software solutions specifically designed to manage your ticketing business with CRM. PromoTicketCRM, TicketMaster CRM, Eventbrite, and Salesforce CRM offer a variety of features to help companies effectively manage customer contacts, orders, and data analytics. The choice of a particular CRM system should be based on a company’s individual needs and business priorities.