Should I take 8 am classes in college?

Should I take 8 am classes in college?

Ideally, I’d recommend taking classes a bit later than 8 AM so you can have some extra time to work in the morning, whether that’s studying, a job, or working out. But if you have no option and 8 AMs are all that you have available, it’s not the end of the world, especially if you know how to prepare for an 8 AM class.

How do you survive 8am classes?

1) Get into a routine to survive 8am classes. Get up at the same time each day before your 8am class. Make your coffee at the same time. Take a shower at the same time each morning. Get into a simple makeup /outfit picking routine.

Are morning classes that bad?

Aside from the fact that early classes are the worst, a recent study found that they can actually be detrimental to your learning ability—so much so that some researchers are pushing colleges to start scheduling classes later in the day, NPR reports. …

Are 9 am college classes bad?

New research has confirmed what we’ve known all along – 9am lectures are too early and should be pushed back until at least 11am. Analysts say 9ams interfere with our body clocks, meaning we are likelier to underperform and find it hard to focus in early-morning classes.

Is it better to have morning or afternoon classes?

If you have a busy life, whether it is work or other responsibilities, it might be best to take morning classes. If your schedule allows you to go to bed early, then definitely take morning classes. If you aren’t very busy throughout the day, then you do have the option for taking afternoon classes.

How do you wake up for 8am classes?

How To Survive Early Morning Classes

  1. Avoid Too Much Coffee. Coffee might be your go-to when you are feeling tired and groggy.
  2. Have A Curfew For Devices.
  3. Use An Alarm Clock.
  4. Go To Bed Early.
  5. Create A Good Sleep Environment.
  6. Create A Habit When Waking Up.

How do you wake up in college for classes?

Waking Up for Class

  1. Develop a consistent sleep pattern.
  2. Get ready for classes the night before.
  3. Check on your alarm clock.
  4. When you do wake up, put on bright lights.
  5. Work out an arrangement with your roommate regarding sleep schedules.
  6. Don’t pull an all-nighter studying for a test.

Why waking up early is bad for teens?

By 2000, many high schools were starting at 7:30 or earlier, and a growing number of studies showed that these early school schedules can undermine teenagers’ ability to learn, to drive safely, and to get along with others. They can even increase the likelihood of smoking, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy.

Is it better to have early or late classes in college?

Down With 8 A.M. Classes: Undergrads Learn Better Later In The Day, Study Finds : NPR Ed : NPR. Down With 8 A.M. Classes: Undergrads Learn Better Later In The Day, Study Finds : NPR Ed A recent study shows that college classes start too early for students’ brains to be functioning at their best.

What are the best times for college classes?

Researchers found that colleges should, for the most part, start classes in the latter part of the morning, around 11 a.m. – a time when most students are “at their best.”

When should your earliest college class be?

Typically, 8 AM, although I have seen 7:30 AM starts, but that is less common. But in my experience teaching, most students would avoid taking an 8 AM class if they could.

What is the best time to wake up?

Ideally, people ought to go to bed earlier and wake up in the early morning hours. This pattern matches our biological tendencies to adapt our sleep pattern with that of the sun. You might find that you’re naturally sleepier after sundown. The exact time depends on when you tend to wake up in the morning.

Is it good for college to have 8am classes?

College students usually aren’t morning people, so when we hear the words “8am classes,” we automatically groan in protest. Who wants to get up that early and function? I’ve had an 8am class pretty much every quarter at UC Santa Cruz, and have come to realize that there are actually some benefits to having those awfully early classes.

What to know about freshman year of college?

Beware morning classes. During your freshman year, it’s ridiculously easy to pick up bad eating habits. With access to soda, sugar, and unhealthy foods, you may find it difficult to say no. This can put you on track for health issues or weight gain.

Which is better, morning class or late class?

Sainz went on to say that, “Another great thing is that you get the class over with sooner.” I’ve had both morning classes and really late classes, and would definitely rather have the morning classes. You just feel like you have more free time, since you can get the class over and done with.

Can you choose a professor for an 8am class?

Luke Siller, a second year biotechnology student at Palomar College, highlights the fact that when you have an 8am class you can basically choose your professor. “When signing up for classes, things can get as hectic as Black Friday,” Siller said.