Picking the perfect online casino game

If there’s one thing that’s harder than picking which online casino to play at, it’s deciding which of the many games to play once you’re there.

Every single one of them has their appeal. But it very much depends on what you’re looking for in a game that’s going to be your real guide.

And now, as competition becomes ever-more intense between the many online casinos on offer, more and more options within the games themselves have become available.

For example, following research and feedback from players, most leading names in the sector like 888casino also now offer something called the “live casino”. The aim of this is to replicate, as closely as possible, the feel and ambience of a gaming room with real dealers dealing actual cards and spinning real roulette wheels.

Plus, within these live games, there are many different variations including ones that are played for speed and others with particularly high or low stakes.

Across all games, the online casinos have also enlisted the services of UX developers to make them as user-friendly as possible. Theburningofrome indicates that many are spending more and more time on their screens within this current digital age which has been an important advance in giving players what they want.

So what are the games and which will be the one for you? Let’s take a look.


These are the games that are always the most popular of all the ones on offer. It’s easy to see why. They come in a wide range of themes and you don’t need to know any rules to play them.

You simply choose your stake and let those reels spin. There may be a few decisions to make as you play, like which particular bonus to choose, but beyond that you’re just trusting to luck.

Plus, of all the casino games, slots have the potential of producing the biggest pay-outs for the smallest initial outlay. Some can even deliver a life-changing jackpot if your luck’s really in.


Ask people to name the game they associate most with the casino and most of them will probably choose roulette. After all, it’s the image of the slowly spinning wheel and the exciting sound of the little white ball falling into place that really encapsulates the casino experience.

Although many have tried to devise betting strategies to improve their chances, the random nature of the game really renders these pointless. The ball’s going to land where it’s going to land and there’s nothing a player can do to influence it.

Again, it’s the simplicity of this game that appeals. There’s no complicated betting to understand and it’s also a game where you can play boldly or with caution, depending on how lucky you feel.


One game, however, in which strategy can play a big part is blackjack. It’s you pitted directly against the dealer in a bid to get closer to them than scoring 21.

This means that once you been dealt your initial cards you need to decide whether to stand or ask to be dealt another card. Luckily something called the basic strategy is on hand to help you make up your mind.

This comes in the form of a series of charts covering most of the possible card permutations and sets guidance about how best to play your hand. It does take some memorizing but is easy to pick up in time. Zapier highlights many memorisation techniques which can help you when it comes towards helping you with your strategies.

So if you’re looking for a game where you do have a little more control over the outcome, blackjack is a good choice.


Sometimes also known as Punto Banco, this is a game that is a big, big favourite in the casinos of the Far East. It’s also very popular in Europe and the US. Like blackjack, it’s the player against the dealer but the main difference is that you can bet on whether the player or the dealer will win a hand or whether it will be a tie.

The objective for player and banker will be to be the closest to scoring nine when the cards have been dealt and there is also the possibility of putting side bets on whether either participant will draw a pair of cards.

For most people, the fast versions of the online game are the best to play if they want the action to come thick and fast.


For some reason, dice games have never taken off with quite the same popularity of others online. But, of all the ones available, it’s craps that has managed to get the strongest foothold.

It may be that the rules of the game and the complicated choice of betting options are what prove to be a barrier for many people. The language around the game with words like “naturals”, “come out rolls” and “win” and “pass” lines also makes it quite hard to get into for some.

It’s a shame because this can be a very fast-moving and exciting game to play which is also perfectly suited to the online environment, just like many other games such as Overwatch. But maybe because of the popularity of the other games on online casino sites, the operators don’t feel the need to make craps more popular.

In any case, there are plenty of reasons to stick with the so-called “big four” of slots, roulette, blackjack and baccarat. And, the more that you play your chosen one, the more you’ll learn about its ins and outs as well as giving yourself the best possible chance of winning.