My Casual Romance: Six Metal Songs About Short-Term Flings

Are you proud to describe yourself as a metalhead? Do your friends who aren’t so keen on headbanging assume your favorite music seems to be all about the apocalypse? They might be surprised to learn there’s so much more to the heavy metal scene than pulverizing beats and ear-shredding guitar solos. Sure, there may be raucous gigs, three-day festivals, all-night parties, and copious amounts of booze, but there’s often romance, too.

Metal and meaningful romance

Just because someone might have piercings, long straggly hair, abundant tattoos, and a penchant for Slipknot T-shirts doesn’t mean they won’t also appreciate intense relationships. Love works in mysterious ways, and casual encounters aren’t just restricted to trendy nightclubs. A lot of metalheads have met their soulmates at festivals or concerts or even by discovering someone with similar interests on a one night stand near me page while seeking hot dates locally. In fact, they’re far more likely to meet compatible people via these digital matchmaking services. Why? Because they are focused on compatibility. After registering, new members can tailor their search forms however they wish. Adding the trait that you love metal and are seeking metalheads will point you in the right direction. Next time you’re having a friendly debate with a non-metal buddy about the merits of being a metalhead, you could always point out metal songs celebrating flings! Here are our top six.

Love Bites (So Do I) by Halestorm

Pennsylvania may have sealed its place in US history as the location where the Declaration of Independence originated, but it is also a hotbed of pounding metal music. Halestorm’s single, ‘Love Bites (So Do I)’ earned a Grammy and is a song about lust to get your teeth into! Sung by sexy singer Lzzy Hale, this uses potent imagery to suggest being a far better lover. “I slither like a vampire and get you by the neck, I know a thousand ways, to help you forget about her.”

You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

Australian rockers AC/DC emerged around the same time that the punk scene was making a lot of older rock bands sound jaded and dull. But their no-nonsense take on rock ‘n’ roll has gone on to shift an incredible 200 million albums. This single is all about flings but includes much of the sexist, one-dimensional portraits of females in metal music, this insists that women can have a great time, too!

One Night Stand by Hinder

An alt-rock band from America’s prairie state of Oklahoma, this hard-hitting band is just completing its seventh studio album. Could you get a more obvious metal song about flings than one entitled ‘One Night Stand?’ With over a million YouTube views, when this crunching song goes: “Be my biggest fan, scream as loud as you can,” you know this has nothing to do with thrilling rollercoaster rides!

Royal Orleans by Led Zeppelin

Widely cited as one of the greatest metal/hard rock bands of all time, England’s Led Zeppelin has covered an array of influences, including blues, funk, and folk. The band themselves became notorious for wild after-show parties involving orgies with groupies. Featuring the dazzling fretwork of lead guitarist Jimmy Page, ‘Royal Orleans’ from their seventh studio album, Presence, is another stomping track. Short and sweet compared to many of their anthems and played with a jerky beat, this opens with the lines, “One time love, take care how you use it, try to make it last all night.”

One Night Stand by Motorhead

Motorhead was led by founder member, the late, great Lemmy, a grizzled rocker seldom pictured without a fag in his hand or cradling a bottle of Jack Daniels. ‘One Night Stand’ is a classic example of their powerful riffs. Lyrically, he delivers a rather poetic take on flings. “Love me tender, let me remember when I get old and grey.”

User Friendly by Marilyn Manson

Combining two American icons that symbolized good and evil (Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson), Marilyn Manson has courted controversy throughout his career as a popular purveyor of ‘industrial’ or ‘shock’ rock and for goading traditional values. The video resembles one of those ‘found footage’ paranormal movies, but the lyrics couldn’t be more direct. “Use me when you want to come.”

If you were in any doubt about the inextricable link between metal songs and the sparks of romance, we have presented a compelling case. Now, if you’re a metalhead, make the most of this information by getting out there and seeking your ideal partner. You could start with casual flings, but these could easily develop into something much more potent. Here’s some further advice. Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest heavy metal news. This will provide ammunition for conversational icebreakers, wherever you come across a metalhead who makes your pulse race quicker than a Metallica solo!