Earlier knee problems were seen only in old age people, those who met with an accident or who are suffering from any disorder. But, today in adults also, knees problems are commonly seen cause of their busy and hectic lives, which results in knee roughness and knee pain.

If you, too, are suffering from knee problems, barely stand on foot for too long or can’t do any knee movements, or you feel pain while doing such things?

Then to get rid of such issues, and avoid surgery or any other medical treatment, you can opt exercises for knee roughness treatment which will be beneficial to you.

Here are some simple exercises which all group of ages can do:

  1. Sit on a chair with your legs freely.
  2. Place a towel under your knee, so that the knee is not higher than your hip. Stretch the knee gently with the foot flexed, until the leg is extended.
  3. Hold it for 10 seconds, and then slowly lower your legs.
  4. Do this ten times every day and with eight sets. To get more powerful, you can add some ankle weights to strengthen the muscles and endurance. Your kneecaps will admire you for this as and Your hamstring muscles will also get an outstanding result in this manner.
  • RAISE CALF AND TOES: The calf muscle is related to the hamstring muscle and the back of your knee. Strengthening the calf muscle will benefit your hamstrings, and provide your knee with more vital support and stability. For this, you have to :
  1. Stand barefoot on a yoga mat or board.
  2. Make sure your body is balanced; you can take the help such as the wall or another stabilizing surface.
  3. Raise vertically up as high as possible onto your toes and slowly lower down.
  4. Do ten repetitions and 5 sets, as required.
  • SQUATS: A squat is the best exercise to get rid off from knees stiffness and roughness.For this, you have to
  1. Stand straight on the floor with widening your feet parallel to your shoulders.
  2. Look straight and Bend slightly and pretend that you are sitting on an invisible chair.
  3. Don’t bend your knees too much.
  • KNEE FLEXION: In this activity, your hamstring muscles get more grounded, while you loosen up your quads. For this you can:-
  1. Remain on a 2 inch board or little higher.
  2. Keeping your thigh in an orderly fashion with the chest area, twist your knee to a 90 degree point and gradually let down.
  3. Keep your foot flexed all through the development. You can keep your thigh squeezed against a table, to guarantee that it remains in accordance with your trunk.
  4. Complete 10 reiterations, and rehash with the other leg. You can do 2-3 sets varying.
  5. As you get more grounded, you can add light lower leg loads to build the obstruction.
  • Swimming: Swimming is probably the best action you can do to improve terrible knees. Staying afloat, front creep, backstroke or simply kicking laps with a vacillate board won’t just cement your knee joint, however will give you an extraordinary cardio exercise also.