Is Sicily a dangerous place to visit?

Is Sicily a dangerous place to visit?

Yes, Sicily is safe for tourists. Just be careful when in the large cities, as you would be in New York City. If you’re going out at night, avoid dark, lightly travelled streets, just as in any large metropolitan area. When riding the city buses in Palermo, be careful for pickpockets.

What to see and do in Palermo, Sicily?

Palermo is the site of the National Archaeological Museum ( ancient Greek , Roman, and Etruscan art), the National Gallery of Sicily (Renaissance and baroque art), the Gallery of Modern Art, the Giuseppe Pitre Ethnographical Museum (folk art of Sicily), and the cathedral treasury.

What is there to see in Palermo, Italy?

Another museum to visit in Palermo is Sicily Regional Art Museum. It’s located in Abatellis palace, a Catalan Gothic palace, former residence of Francesco Abatellis, port master of the Kingdom of Sicily . The regional museum has an important collection of paintings, statues and frescoes.

Why to visit Sicily?

There are many incredible reasons to visit Sicily including the wonderful weather, the resplendent scenery and the delicious food. The best reasons to go on vacation to Sicily could be the history, or the beaches.

How safe is a visit to Sicily?

It is good to know that according to statistics, Sicily has a lower crime rate for violent, sexual, and even petty crime than many other parts of Europe and all of Eastern Europe. It does not rank high on the global crime statistic lists, but nonetheless, prudence is always wise.

What is it like to visit Sicily?

Sicily is great for a holiday with plenty of choices of achitecture. There are Ancient Greek , Roman, Norman, Medaeval, Moorish and Baroque sights to visit, and the countryside is great for walking. Taormina is a seaside resort and you can go snorkeling there.