Is Giovanna Fletcher related to Giovanni Falcone?

Is Giovanna Fletcher related to Giovanni Falcone?

The Essex- born author and blogger is the sister of Mario Falcone, who is known for his role in the popular reality series, The Only Way Is Essex. Her brother Mario is three years younger than her, and he celebrated his 32nd birthday in February 2020. Giovanna is 35, and she was born in January 1985.

Who is Giovanna Fletcher?

Giovanna Fletcher (née Falcone, born 29 January 1985) is an English author, actress, blogger, vlogger and presenter. Since 2019, she has presented the CBeebies series The Baby Club. She won series 20 of I’m a Celebrity……

Giovanna Fletcher

Who is Giovanna Fletchers husband?

Tom Fletcherm. 2012
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Who is Giovanna brother?

Mario Falcone
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Is Giovanna Fletcher Mario Falcone sister?

Mario Falcone has credited his sister Giovanna Fletcher for saving his life during his battle with depression after attempting to take his own life.

Who is Falcone sister?

Giovanna Fletcher
Giorgina Falcone
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What nationality is Giovanna Fletcher?

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Who did Tom Fletcher marry?

Giovanna Fletcherm. 2012
Tom Fletcher/Spouse
Personal life. On 18 April 2011, Fletcher became engaged to his schoolmate and longtime girlfriend Giovanna Falcone. They were married on 12 May 2012.

Can Giovanna Fletcher speak Italian?

My 96year old Nonna didn’t speak English. We don’t really speak Italian. When we were younger we’d go to Italy every year and I can remember being so excited to see her during the day-long drive. Often Dad wouldn’t tell her we were going over.

Who is Giovanna Fletcher’s famous brother?

Is Giovanna Fletcher married to McFly?

When did Giovanna and Tom Fletcher get married? The couple tied the knot in 2012 in London, surrounded by their family and friends. Working with this one this morning. The ceremony was attended by their celebrity pals including Tom’s McFly bandmates Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones.

What height is Giovanna Fletcher?

5′ 5″
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