In which city was the first Inamo restaurant opened?

In which city was the first Inamo restaurant opened?

Inamo, which opened its first restaurant in Soho in 2008, is based around an interactive ordering system, which allows diners to order their meal from an illustrated menu projected onto a touch screen on the table.

Does inamo have a dress code?

No dress code, we went smart casual, hoe you enjoy your visit.

Which is the best Ina Mo in London?

Renowned for combining interactive technology with dining, the recently opened inamo Camden is the best location for an unforgettable and innovative experience.

When did inamo open?

Our first site opened in 2008, & since then our groundbreaking technology has delighted over a million patrons, & achieved countless awards.

How does Inamo restaurant work?

Even allowing for one accidental order, it is self-explanatory. You run your finger around a laptop-like mouse pad, which brings up a cursor and a bunch of icons. Click on them and pictures of menu items are projected on to the table in front of you. You order your food.

What does inamo mean?

[verb] to tame something/someone; to placate someone.

What does Vovo mean in Filipino?

1. colloquial. granny {noun} [coll.] vovó (also: vó, avozinha)

What does inamo mean in Tagalog?

What is VAVO in Portuguese?

The most commonly used Portuguese name for grandmother is avó. Variations are avozinha, vovó or just vo. Both grandmothers and grandfathers are referred to as avo, but the pronunciation is different.

What is inamo’s signature dish?

Inamo’s signature dish! Crunchy tempura shrimp, creamy avocado and a touch of mayo. 8 pieces. Enter the Dragon! Line caught tuna, Scottish farmed salmon, English mackerel, yellowtail, ebi, and red & black lumpfish caviar. 15 pieces. Sweet mango & beetroot wrapped in inari. 2 pieces. (Vegan)

What to eat at inamo?

A stunning selection of each of inamo’s yakitori. Rare slices of succulent fillet of beef served with a sizzling hot stone for you to cook to your liking; with teriyaki, Korean BBQ, & nam jim dipping sauces. Tender beef fillet in black pepper & oyster sauce with garlic, red & yellow peppers, and spring onions.

What do you put on your inamo Fries?

Thick cut fries coated in inamo’s secret five spice mix with a wasabi mayo dip. Aubergine with spring onion in Thai sweet chilli sauce. (Vegan) Mixed vegetables in spinach wrapper, served with dipping sauce. 4 pieces. (vegan) Scorched shishito peppers with olive oil and sea salt. (Vegan)