How tall is a 3 rail split rail fence?

How tall is a 3 rail split rail fence?

about four feet tall
The two standard fence styles are two-rail, which stand about three feet tall, and three-rail, which stand about four feet tall.

How much does a 3 rail fence cost?

A 3-rail, 100′ foot fence with wire mesh and 2 gates, will cost approximately $12 to $18 per foot, installed by a local fence company.

What does 3 rail fence mean?

For example, a 100′ length of 3 rail fence would use 11 posts and 30 rails.

How far apart do you set split rail fence posts?

When installing our 8’6” rails, posts should be spaced approximately 8′ on center. Note: To compensate for short rails you may want to divide the shortage by reducing the length of rails on both the first and last sections. If this is not required then we recommend that the short section be in a less conspicuous place.

How much do split rails cost?

With professional installation, a split rail fence will cost you from $12 to $30 or more per linear foot, $1,200 to $3,000 per 100 feet, and $9,960 to $24,900 to enclose an acre.

How far apart do you put split rail fence posts?

How big is a 3 hole split rail fence?

The 3 in. x 6 in. x 7 ft. Pressure Treated Pine 3 Hole Split Rail Line Post, Brown is an in-store exclusive item. To locate the pricing and availability for your area, follow these steps.

Where did the split rail fence come from?

Split Rail style fence dates back to the 1600’s when colonial farmers used this fence to not only delineate their property lines, but also to keep other farmer’s roaming animals from trampling their fields. Today, Locust Split Rail Posts and Poplar Spli

Which is better split rail fence or vinyl fence?

That’s why our 5 Star split-rail fencing will last decades longer than our competitors. Just like our vinyl fences, the installation of the split rail fence is quick and easy.

Where can I buy cedar split rail fencing?

We do offer Cedar Split Rail products at several locations across the country. When you prefer the timeless beauty and functionality of wood fencing, you won’t be disappointed with our inventory.