How much do antitrust lawyers make?

How much do antitrust lawyers make?

Salary Ranges for Antitrust Lawyers The salaries of Antitrust Lawyers in the US range from $17,281 to $456,941 , with a median salary of $83,521 . The middle 57% of Antitrust Lawyers makes between $83,523 and $207,156, with the top 86% making $456,941.

Where can I practice antitrust laws?

Lawyers who are interested in antitrust typically start out at either a firm or the government (FTC or DOJ). Several lawyers from our group have moved over to the government, and a number have come back to the private sector following senior government experience.

What does an antitrust lawyer do?

Antitrust laws scrutinize monopoly activity, price-fixing and collusion, bid rigging, merger plans between business, price discrimination, group boycotts, and a range of other business conduct that, depending on the circumstances and the impact on the consumer, may run afoul of the law.

Do antitrust laws work?

Antitrust laws protect competition. Competition and the profit opportunities it brings also stimulate businesses to find new, innovative, and more efficient methods of production. Consumers benefit from competition through lower prices and better products and services.

How much do lawyers make in big law firms?

Big Law salary scale

Law firm size Median salary in 2021 for eighth-year lawyers
101 to 250 lawyers $175,000
251 to 500 lawyers $210,000
501 to 700 lawyers $218,175
700+ lawyers $260,000

How much do top tier lawyers make?

The Highest Paid Lawyers Have Experience The lowest-paid 25 percent makes $54,500 or less, while the top five percent earn $121,000. Those with up to three years experience earn an average of $88,500. Those with four to nine years of experience earn an average of $101,250.

What is the largest law firm in the US?

The Largest Law Firm In The United States Kirkland & Ellis: 1,854 U.S. attorneys Latham & Watkins: 1,744 U.S. attorneys Greenberg Traurig: 1,725 U.S. attorneys Jones Day: 1,701 U.S. attorneys Sidley Austin: 1,657 U.S. attorneys Morgan Lewis: 1,652 U.S. attorneys Skadden: 1,475 U.S. attorneys DLA Piper: 1,427 U.S. attorneys Lewis Brisbois: 1,201 U.S. attorneys Holland & Knight: 1,180 U.S. attorneys

What are the top law firms?

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  • Katz. This came into being in the year 1965 and was the idea of four individuals.
  • Flom LLP and Affiliates.
  • Cromwell LLP.
  • What is an antitrust attorney?

    Antitrust attorneys are legal professionals who specialize in the body of law designed to protect trade and commerce from corporate monopolies, price-fixing, and unfair restrictions. In general, antitrust lawyers work on cases involving everything from corporate mergers and acquisitions to free trade agreements,…

    What are some examples of antitrust activities?

    Some examples of anti-trust activity are: Sales at unreasonably low prices in order to cripple a competitor; Monopolies and combinations in restraint of trade; Price-fixing; and Intentional reduced prices in order to increase prices.