How many players have been affected by the Madden Curse?

How many players have been affected by the Madden Curse?

Of the 22 players who have been selected to grace the cover of Madden games through this season, 16 have had troubling or abruptly-shortened seasons following their cover debut — including several who suffered season-ending injuries shortly after their game hit shelves.

Who avoided the Madden Curse?

2001 – Eddie George George avoided the curse in 2000, recording career bests in rushing yards (1,509) and total touchdowns (16). However, it would victimize him in 2001.

Who was the first to break the Madden Curse?

2002: Daunte Culpepper As the season began, Culpepper looked like a shell of his former self, which led to a 4-7 record before his season-ending knee injury. He was the first casualty with an injury from the curse.

How does the Madden curse work?

The Madden Curse, also known as the Madden Cover Jinx, is a conjecture involving the video game series Madden NFL, stating that the season a player appears on the cover, that player will be cursed with either an injury or poor performance. These performances and injuries resulted in speculation of a curse.

What happened to NFL 2K?

2K’s upcoming NFL arcade game has been delayed. Originally set to release this year, 2K announced that its upcoming untitled NFL arcade game has been pushed out of fiscal year 2022. This places the game’s release date to beyond March of next year.

Was Drew Brees ever on the cover of Madden?

New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, a former Westlake Chap, graces the cover of the EA Sports’ 2011 ‘Madden NFL’ game — but will he fall victim to the ‘curse’ that goes along with the coveted cover honors?

Who is on the cover of Madden 99?

John Madden
The American version of the game features John Madden himself on the cover, while the European version uses Garrison Hearst instead. The game was the top-selling PlayStation sports video game in 1998 in North America, having sold 1.1 million copies on the PlayStation.

Was Aaron Rodgers ever on the cover of Madden?

Aaron Rodgers has never graced the cover of EA Sports’ Madden series. EA Sports announced the cover to Madden NFL 22 will be revealed on June 17th. This event always draws a crowd as fans hope their favorite player or favorite team will earn the honor of gracing the cover.

Will the NFL drop EA?

Unfortunately for fans of the game, the NFL recently extended their exclusivity deal with EA Sports that will see the gaming publisher making football games for the foreseeable future. The extension means that EA Sports will continue to be the league’s exclusive publisher of football simulation games through 2026.

Is there a curse on the cover of Madden?

The Madden Curse is a supposed curse where an athlete that appears on the cover art of a Madden video game will experience a decline in performance in the following season. Prior to 1998, every annual installment primarily featured John Madden on its cover.

Who are the players on the cover of Madden?

Players who have appeared on the cover in subsequent years have generally failed to reproduce their success of the previous years, for a variety of reasons. Players such as Marshall Faulk, Peyton Hillis and Vince Young all have suffered injuries in their season appearing on the cover.

Are there any cursed players in the NFL?

It happened to players like Shaun Alexander and Michael Vick, and most recently, Rob Gronkowski. While some players have been able to avoid the curse, it’s still a very real phenomenon.

Who was the worst Madden cover athlete of all time?

McNabb had the worst season of his career in 2005 after he was named the Madden cover star, beginning with trouble in “paradise” between he and Terrell Owens. His season ended in Week 9 when he suffered a groin injury that landed him on injured reserve.