How many IL 76 does Indian Air Force have?

How many IL 76 does Indian Air Force have?

Ilyushin Il-76

Introduction June 1974
Status In production, in service
Primary users Russian Air Force Ukrainian Air Force Indian Air Force Libyan Air Force
Number built 960+

How many troops can IL 76 carry?

IL-76MD-90A cargo handling capabilities Il-76MD-90A can carry 126 parachutists or 145 troops in single deck arrangement and 225 troops in double-deck arrangement. It can also house special equipment to carry 114 injured persons.

What is the Indian name of IL 76 aircraft?

Known as the Gajraj (King Elephant) in the IAF, the IL-76MD forms the strategic/heavy transport fleet. The Indian Government first approved the induction of IL 76 MD aircraft in March 1983.

How many tanks can a IL 76 carry?

It has a total fuel tank capacity of 145, 500l, including 109,500l in wing tanks and 36,000 in fuselage tanks. The Il-76MF aircraft is a derivative of the Il-76MD, with the fuselage lengthened by 6.6m. The new PS-90A-76 engines give a 25% higher take-off thrust (16,000kgf) than the D-30KP engines on the MD variant.

Can an IL-76 carry a tank?

“That aircraft is capable of transporting cargoes of 80 tons at a cruising speed of 770-850 kph to a distance of up to 5,000 km. However, the Il-76 is capable of carrying only one T-72 tank, while to transport a T-90 tank, some of its assembly units will have to be removed,” he said.

How much does an IL-76 cost?

COST. Based on available transaction records, an Ilyushin-76 TD should set you back around $50 million, unless you want to buy second-hand.

How many Hercules does India have?

The Indian Air Force operates a fleet of 12 C-130Js. India is one of 21 countries operating the C-130J Super Hercules, which is the world’s choice for tactical airlifters.

Which is bigger c17 or IL-76?

The C-17, with a capability to carry around 70 tonnes of load and around 150 fully geared troops, will replace the Russian Il-76 as the biggest aircraft in the IAF inventory till now. The IL-76 has the capability to carry loads upto around 40 tonnes.

Can a il76 carry a tank?

Can IL-76 carry tanks?