How many GB Pendrives are available?

How many GB Pendrives are available?

The pen drive is available in 4 different memory size of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB. Other than data storage, its uber-cool design makes it an amazing gifting option.

How much does a 64 GB pendrive cost?

SanDisk Ultra Dual 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive

M.R.P.: ₹1,400.00
Price: ₹749.00
You Save: ₹651.00 (47%)
Inclusive of all taxes

How many GB is 64GB pendrive?

Compare with similar items

This item SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB Pen Drive SanDisk Ultra Dual 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive
Item Weight 9.07 grams 5 grams
Memory Storage Capacity 64 64 GB
Model Number SDCZ48-064G-U46 SDDD3-064G-G46
Size 64 GB 64GB

Which pen drive is best in 64 GB?

Top 10 Best 64GB Pen Drives in India 2021:

  • HP X740W USB 3.1.
  • SanDisk Ultra Fit 3.1.
  • HP X760L USB 3.1.
  • Kingston DTI USB 3.0.
  • SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0.
  • HP HPFD302M USB 3.1.
  • SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0.
  • HP 796W USB 3.1.

How many pictures will 64GB hold?

32 gb = 4,700 photographs. 64 gb = 9400 photographs.

Which brand pendrive is best?

The best USB flash drives you can buy today

  1. Samsung Fit Plus (MUF-128AB) The best flash drive overall.
  2. SanDisk Cruzer CZ36.
  3. Kingston DataTraveler G4.
  4. PNY Turbo.
  5. SanDisk Extreme Pro SDCZ880.
  6. Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth.
  7. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB-C SDDDC2.
  8. Kingston Digital DataTraveler Elite G2 DTEG2.

How much storage is 64GB?

64GB is right in the middle of what you are able to get and it’s where most people feel comfortable. You can save a surprisingly large number of files with just 64GB. If you save every last file and photo, you may slowly run out. 16GB and 32GB options are better for casual smartphone users.

Which is best 32 GB pendrive?

Best 32GB Pen Drives That Offer Great Performance And Reliable Storage

Device Price
SanDisk Ultra Dual 32GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive Rs 899
Strontium Ammo 32GB 2.0 USB Pen Drive Rs 749
HP x765w 32GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive Rs 900
Kingston DataTraveler Swivl 32GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive Rs 750

How much does a 32GB flash drive cost?

Compare with similar items

This item SanDisk 32GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive – SDCZ36-032G-B35 Black
Customer Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (42264)
Price $699
Shipping FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon or get Fast, Free Shipping with Amazon Prime
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Is 64 GB a lot for a phone?

The 64GB iPhone 11 / Pro / Max is more than enough for all of your apps, countless hours of video clips filmed and tens of thousands of photos taken. You need to consider a higher storage option mainly if you plan on recording lots of 4K videos and to download plenty of movies, games and music on your phone.

Which is the best 64GB pendrive?

This Strontium Nitro Plus 64GB Flash Drive is the best 64gb pendrive. The Nitro Plus is packed with all the features you need in Pen Drive. The write speed goes up to 60MB/s which make it the fastest in this storage option. 2. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go 64GB Pen Drive (Best 64gb pen drive under 1200 in India)

What is the best portable flash drive?

Best USB flash drives of 2019: Memory sticks for all your data storage needs 1. Patriot Supersonic Rage 2 USB flash drive 2. Kingston Technology DataTraveler 100 Generation 3 USB flash drive 3. SanDisk Extreme CZ80 USB flash drive

How many photos on a 64 GB flash drive?

So, if a raw file takes 30 MB of space, it can fit in the memory cards as follows: 32 gb = 1,092 photographs 64 gb = 2,184 photographs 128 gb = 4,368 photographs 256 gb = 8,732 photographs

How many GB does a flash drive hold?

A flash drive with a small capacity may only be able to hold 1 to 2 GB of data, whereas a high-capacity flash drive may be able to hold up to 256 GB of data. Price is directly related to the size of the flash drive; though the physical size does not generally vary much in different flash drives,…