How does Handspring make their puppets?

How does Handspring make their puppets?

Following the smash-hit success of WarHorse, Handspring Puppet Company has scaled up production of the horse puppets. These puppets, destined for major stages around the globe, are lovingly carved, stitched, shaped, welded, glued and painted by a small team in a studio in Cape Town.

What is the Handspring Puppet Company known for?

War Horse, a play seen by nearly eight million people, features horse puppets designed and created by Handspring Puppet Company and operated by three actors to each….Handspring Puppet Company.

Type Puppetry performance and scenic design
Founder Adrian Kohler, Basil Jones, Jon Weinberg and Jill Joubert
Headquarters Cape Town, South Africa

Who are the puppeteers of the Handspring Puppet Company?

Busi Zokufa has been performing for Handspring since the early ’90’s as has Craig Leo. Jason Potgieter, Marty Kintu, Tali Cervati, Chuma Sopotela, Gabriel Marchand and Cindy Mkaza are a few of the many extremely talented individual performers working in puppet theatre and television today.

What is the war horse puppet made out of?

The Puppetry brings galloping, full-scale horses to life on stage — their flanks, hides and sinews built of steel, leather and aircraft cables.

When was Handspring puppets created?

Handspring Puppet Company/Founded

Handspring Puppet Company was founded by Artistic Director Adrian Kohler and Executive Producer Basil Jones in 1981 in Cape Town, South Africa, and has grown under their leadership for 40 years.

What do puppets do?

A puppet is an object, often resembling a human, animal or mythical figure, that is animated or manipulated by a person called a puppeteer. The puppeteer uses movements of their hands, arms, or control devices such as rods or strings to move the body, head, limbs, and in some cases the mouth and eyes of the puppet.

When did the Handspring Puppet Company start?

Company overview and history – Handspring Puppet Company. Handspring Puppet Company was founded in 1981 and has grown under the leadership of Artistic Director Adrian Kohler and Executive Producer Basil Jones for 30 years.

What type of puppet is used in War Horse?

Penny Saunders with Horse, a lifesize rideable marionette from Forkbeard Fantasy’s Invisible Bonfires. Other puppeteers have the afterlife of their puppets taken out of their hands entirely.

Who created war horse?

Michael Morpurgo
War Horse/Authors

How are puppets made?

A rod puppet is made out of wood wire and string and is manipulated with wooden or wire rods. Rod puppets can sometimes have a complete working hinged mouth but many do not. A rod puppet can have a fixed facial expression. Arms are usually a requirement as rods are attached to them.

Who is the most famous puppet?

The undisputed king of puppets, Kermit the Frog is still around today. But the Muppet we saw on the recently canceled 2015 sitcom The Muppets is a far cry from the one Jim Henson created. Kermit is the fair and levelheaded leader of the Muppet gang, and his influence can still be felt around the world.

Who are the founders of Handspring Puppet Company?

Handspring Puppet Company was founded by Artistic Director Adrian Kohler and Executive Producer Basil Jones in 1981 in Cape Town, South Africa, and has grown under their leadership for 40 years. Handspring’s work has been presented in more than 30 countries around the world.

Where can I get a template for a hand puppet?

There are a couple ways to get a template for your hand puppet. You can buy them at crafts stores, download them online, or make them yourself. If you want to make a basic hand puppet yourself, put your hand palm down on your piece of fabric.

Who are the Handspring puppets in war horse?

The puppets were made by the Handspring Puppet Company. This scale model was a gift to writer Sir Michael Morpurgo, author of War Horse. The Handspring Puppet Company achieved critical acclaim when War Horse premiered at the Royal National Theatre in South Bank, London, on 17 October 2007.

How many puppets are in handspring at arms length?

At Arms Length – The Art of African Puppetry – 2006 Produced by the then Museum for African Art (now The Africa Center, New York) presented nearly 100 animated puppets, marionettes and puppet sculptures used in traditional and contemporary theatrical performances from Handspring and the Sogolon Puppet Troupe from Mali.