How do you date a MXR Distortion Plus?

How do you date a MXR Distortion Plus?

On each pot there will be 7 numbers. xxx77xx means they are from 1977. The first 3 are the manufacturer code , CTS uses “137 ” then the next 2 are your year , this is the best way to date them in a pretty close proximity to when the pedal was made . Thanks for the info KW..

Who used MXR Distortion?

Dave Murray of Iron Maiden has used Distortion + since the early 1980s. Steve Wynn (musician) used it on the first couple Dream Syndicate albums. Thom Yorke of Radiohead has included the Distortion + for many of his signature distortion sounds, using a variety of guitars to achieve various tonal options.

Where are MXR pedals manufactured?

MXR pedals are made in China and Taiwan.

When was the MXR distortion released?

Serendipity! In 1979, Rochester New York’s MXR introduced the Distortion+, a simple distortion circuit that revolutionized the industry.

Is MXR Made in USA?

MXR is a Rochester, New York-based manufacturer of effects pedals, co-founded in 1972 by Keith Barr and Terry Sherwood and incorporated as MXR Innovations, Inc. The MXR trademark is now owned by Jim Dunlop, which continues to produce the original effects units along with new additions to the line.

Is a Tube Screamer overdrive or distortion?

The Ibanez Tube Screamer (TS9/TS808) is a guitar overdrive pedal, made by Ibanez. The pedal has a characteristic mid-boosted tone popular with blues, rock and metal players.

What does MXR mean?


Acronym Definition
MXR Mozilla Cross-Reference (source code browser)
MXR Munxar (postal locality, Malta)
MXR Multi-Xenobiotic-Resistance
MXR Mail Exchange Record

Which pedal brand is the best?

Here Are the Best Guitar Pedal Brands

  1. Boss. Boss is undeniably one of the most prolific producers of guitar pedals.
  2. Strymon.
  3. Electro Harmonix.
  4. TC Electronic.
  5. Walrus Audio.
  6. Eventide.
  7. DigiTech.
  8. Zoom.

What is the best guitar pedal company?

#1. Eventide. Eventide is one of the top effects brands out there, but they weren’t originally known for their stompboxes–Eventide was originally famous for its rackmounted effects.

When did the MXR Distortion + come out?

The MXR Distortion + was designed in the early ’70s and has since found its way onto many great players’ pedalboards the world over, such as Randy Roads and Bob Mould. Though it’s named the “+,” this pedal doesn’t go too far on the distortion – it can be turned down low enough to register as a subtle, low-volume overdrive.

Is there a whirlwind distortion + MXR pedal?

After some perusing on the forums I got the impression that it was very similar to the MXR Distortion + , so I did some research on the MXR and found the Whirlwind Gold Box version new for $99. For a USA-made pedal with modern specs that faithfully recreates a classic circuit, I thought it was an excellent deal.

What’s the difference between MXR Distortion and DOD 250?

Can’t say I’ve come across anything else that would fix this.. considered running a clean boost after it in it’s own loop.. but thats 3 pedals to do what 1 should do. so it got scrapped. The MXR Distortion + and DOD 250 are different in that the clipping diodes in the D+ are germanium verses silicon diodes in the DOD 250.

How many parts are in a distortion box?

Drawing topological similarities to the simpler fuzz boxes of yore, the Distortion+ made the most with a small number of parts—18, to be exact. The result is and was a transcendent distortion box that has been copied hundreds of times and continues to serve as the basis for many boutique pedals in the present day.