How do I scroll to the bottom of the page quickly?

How do I scroll to the bottom of the page quickly?

Page Down / Page Up – Larger page jumps can be made by clicking the space between the scroll bar’s slider and the down (or up) button. This same operation can be accomplished with the keyboard’s Page Down and Page Up keys. End – Pressing the End key allows us to quickly jump to the bottom of a page.

How do you scroll down fast on iPhone?

How to Scroll Faster on an iPhone

  1. Launch the iPhone application in which you wish to scroll faster.
  2. Swipe your finger from the bottom of the screen all the way to the top of the screen to scroll down.
  3. Repeat this gesture as many times as you like while the application is scrolling to increase the speed.

Why does Safari jump to bottom of page?

It may be so that Safari doesn’t allow javascript in search/address-bar. You have to create a bookmark, doesn’t matter what’s in it. Then you edit it, paste the javascript-line to where the url is supposed to be, and save it.

How do I stop my iPhone from scrolling back to the top?

Go to Settings and tap Accessibility. Turn on the feature, then use the slider to select a sensitivity level.

What is the fastest way to scroll?

Scroll one page at a time in all major browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox by pressing the Spacebar key. Move back up the page by pressing Shift + Spacebar or the Home key on the keyboard.

How do you instantly scroll down?

If you look to the right side of your keyboard, you’ll see four arrows: up, down, left, and right. You can use the down arrow to scroll down on a web page and the up arrow to scroll back up.

Why wont my iPhone let me scroll down?

Try double tapping on either side of the screen at edges. Use a two finger press inside the window that you’re trying to scroll and move them up or down simultaneously. Or pinch your thumb and forefinger together and move it up or down.

How do I scroll to the bottom of my email quickly on iPhone?

5 Answers. A fast way to get back to the top from anywhere in the list is to tap the status bar above the list. This works in many places throughout iOS, like Safari, Notes, etc. The only fast way to the bottom, though, is to swipe as fast as you can!

Why do Web pages jump around?

One of the most annoying things about browsing the web on a phone is that pages tend to jump while they are loading. The reasons for those jumps are pretty straightforward: developers want to make sure the actual content of a page loads first and then they load up additional ads and images.

How do I stop web pages from jumping on safari?

Open Settings, scroll down and select Safari. Within the General section, make sure the Block Pop-ups option is toggled on. Under Privacy & Security, enable the Do Not Track and Fraudulent Website Warning options.

Why is my screen scrolling by itself?

Check the batteries in your mouse if the device is battery-powered. Weak batteries in a wireless mouse can cause unpredictable effects, including unexplained scrolling.

Why does my screen keep scrolling up?

When you troubleshoot, you will find that a laptop scrolling by itself occurs as a result of either of the following: weak batteries in an external mouse, malfunctioning USB of an external mouse, defective touchpad.

How do you jump back to the top of the screen on iPhone?

For example, if you’ve scrolled down a web page in Safari and want to quickly scroll back to the top, just tap the menu bar at the top of your screen. It’ll immediately jump back to the top of the page.

How to get to bottom of photos on iPhone?

Alternatively, if in the Moments or Collections view, you can get to the bottom just as fast by tapping the “Photos” icon instead.

How do I reopen a tab on my iPhone?

It’ll immediately jump back to the top of the page. The Safari browser included on your iPhone allows you to reopen tabs you’ve previously closed. To find this feature, tap the button at the bottom right of the Safari app to view your open tabs. Long-press the new tab button and you’ll see a list of closed tabs you can reopen.

Is there a way to jump to the top of a web page?

No, by far the best way to jump to the top or bottom of a Web page is by tapping your Home or End key, respectively. This works in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (and probably every other browser as well–those are just the ones I’ve tested).