How do I get an EAP job?

How do I get an EAP job?

How to become an EAP counselor

  1. Earn your bachelor’s degree. Earning a bachelor’s degree is a primary educational requirement for EAP counselors.
  2. Enroll in a relevant master’s or doctoral degree program.
  3. Obtain pertinent clinical experience.
  4. Become licensed in your state.
  5. Find work with an employee assistance program.

How do I become an EAP provider in Australia?

To express interest in being an EAP provider, submit a CV to [email protected] For more information, see the Converge International website. D’Accord’s minimum requirement is 6 years’ industry experience. D’Accord offers a healthy gender split of experienced practitioners and an hourly rate of $100 + GST.

Is Counselling a good career in Australia?

If you’re a good listener, socially perceptive and you like solving some complex problems, a qualification in counselling or a related area could help you into a rewarding career. The federal government’s Job Outlook service estimates counselling work in Australia is expected to grow by around 23 per cent by 2020.

How much do NHS Counsellors get paid?

Counselling psychologists starting as a trainee within the NHS will typically be on band 6 of the Agenda for Change (AfC) Pay Rates, which ranges from £30,401 to £37,267. Once qualified, salaries typically range from £37,570 to £43,772 (band 7).

What does an EAP Counsellor do?

EAP are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health and wellbeing. EAP generally include assessment, short-term counselling and referral services for employees and their immediate family – wherever they are in the world.

Is EAP Counseling good?

Are Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) Effective? Research exists that demonstrates that EAPs are effective, although, the evidence is controversial. HR professionals experience both positive and negative word-of-mouth feedback from employees who have accessed their organizations’ EAP.

How do I start an EAP business?

Small business owners wishing to start an EAP can do so within a relatively short time.

  1. Locate employee assistance programs.
  2. Compare and select an employee assistance program.
  3. Write an EAP policy explanation.
  4. Hire an onsite EAP professional.
  5. Promote your small business EAP.

Is EAP mandatory in Australia?

EAPAA President Lana Schwartz told Canstar the use of EAPs in Australia is widespread. All government departments are required to have them, and most large organisations have also adopted a scheme.

Will counsellors be in demand?

Paid counselling work is in great demand, as the number of qualified counsellors continues to steadily increase. This is mainly due to the caring and nurturing aspect of the profession, that attracts and encourages individuals already working in caring professions to re-train to become counsellors.

Are counsellors high in demand?

Among the popular job categories, career counselling is one of the professions with the highest year-over-year growth. It has encountered a “seven-fold” jump in job postings and has been growing rapidly. It shows the ever-increasing demand for career counselling and scope.

What band is a Counsellor NHS?

Pay and conditions This pay system covers all staff except doctors, dentists and the most senior managers. Counsellors are typically paid at NHS Band 5, 6 or 7 on entry, depending on the role. There may be opportunities to progress to more senior roles. Counsellors work full or part time.

How do I become a Counsellor without a degree?

There are no set entry requirements to become a counsellor as it is a profession that benefits from many skillsets. Often people move into this career later in life, allowing them to apply a broad range of skills and experience, often motivated by their own challenges to help others.

Are there any EAP jobs available in Dandenong and Melbourne?

Multiple positions available in and around Dandenong and Melbourne in a varied role delivering a range of EAP services. On the Line is looking for experienced Counsellors to join our 24/7 service centre. This is an enriching opportunity to give back to the community

How do I book The Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Employees of participating organisations can book this program by either calling us on 1300 172 327 or emailing us at [email protected] The counselling aspect of EAP can be delivered either face to face or online however the first session needs to be face to face as the client will need to sign the counselling intake forms.

What are the benefits of the EAP service?

This service is of considerable benefit to both the employee and the organisation. Organisations may also choose to have the EAP service available to immediate family of employees, recognising this as an important work-life integration support.

Where can I work as a psychologist in NSW?

Relocate to or work in the family-friendly Liverpool, NSW area as a Psychologist/Social Worker role in the Open Arms office. Competitive salary and great employees benefits! Membership with the Mental Health Academy and much more! Be a part of the leading provider of health and wellbeing services!