How do I add a secondary IP to SonicWall?

How do I add a secondary IP to SonicWall?

This article explains how to configure a Secondary IP address on the WAN interface to manage the SonicWall appliance. Create Address Object for the secondary IP….

  1. Navigate to Policy | Rules and Policies | Access Rules.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Create access rules as below and click on Add.

How do I setup a dual ISP?

You can connect a single switch on your network to two ISPs. Connect any of the “LAN” ports on the first router to a port in the switch. Connect the “WAN” port in the first router to the first ISP. Connect any of the “LAN” ports on the second router to another port in the switch.

What is the difference between WAN failover and load balancing?

WAN Failover enables you to configure one of the user-defined interfaces as a secondary WAN port. Load-balancing is currently only supported on Ethernet WAN interfaces, but not on WWAN interfaces.

How do I change the default Wan on a SonicWall?

  1. Login to the firewall.
  2. Click Manage from the Navigation Menu.
  3. Navigate to System Setup | Network | Failover & LB.
  4. Ensure that the option Enable Load Balancing is enabled.
  5. Navigate to Groups and edit the Default LB Group.
  6. Select X2 under Selected Interface Ordering and using the arrow keys move the X2 on top.

How do I assign a WAN IP address?

You’ll know if you have a Static IP because you will have reserved an address with your ISP.

  1. Open the Google Home app .
  2. Tap Wi-Fi Settings.
  3. Tap WAN.
  4. Choose Static IP.
  5. Enter the IP address, subnet mask, and internet gateway provided by your ISP.

What is the use of secondary IP address on router WAN interface?

Using secondary IP addresses on the routers or access servers allows you to have two logical subnets using one physical subnet. Many older networks were built using Level 2 bridges. The judicious use of secondary addresses can aid in the transition to a subnetted, router-based network.

Does dual-WAN increase speed?

Dual-wan (multi-wan) routers, a.k.a. load balancers, allow you to use multople internet connections, and will generally double the overall throughput of your network, however, they will not increase the download speed of a single connection, or a single download.

How do I manually fail Sonicwall?

To force Active/Standby Failover, click Force Active/Standby Failover. This option attempts an Active/Standby HA failover to the secondary unit. Use this action to test the HA failover functionality is working properly. When finished with all High Availability configuration, click Accept.

What is WAN load balancing?

WAN load balancing (sometimes referred to as dual-WAN routing or multi-homing) gives you the ability to balance traffic across two or more WAN links without having to use complex routing protocols.

How do I connect to SonicWall?

Access the SonicWall Admin User Interface Connect a PC to the SonicWall LAN (X0) interface or a network switch connected to the LAN interface. You will automatically receive an IP address from the SonicWall appliance. Open a browser to for access to the SonicWall.

How Connect WAN to router?

Insert your wireless router’s AC adapter to the DC-IN port and plug it to a power outlet. Use another network cable, connect your modem to your wireless router’s WAN port. Use the bundled network cable, connect your computer to your wireless router’s LAN port.

How to configure a Wan on SonicWall?

First, you will want to set the Zone for this interface to “WAN”. Next, you will type in the static or DHCP IP Addressing information that your ISP gave you. If you want to be able to manage your SonicWall using this address and interface, then allow that by checking the protocols on the Management Line. Click Ok, when done.

How to add a subnet to SonicWALL?

Login to the SonicWall management interface. Navigate to the Network | ARP page and click ADD . IP Address: (specify an IP address from the additional subnet). Interface: WAN / X1 (because the additional subnet resides on the WAN interface).

How to enable load balancing in SonicWall 5.5?

Select Enable Load Balancing. Select the secondary interface (s) from the Secondary WAN Interface pull-down menu. If this is not configured, you need to configure a WAN interface from the Network > Interfaces page. Appliances running SonicOS Enhanced 5.5 can support up to three alternate WAN interfaces.

How to add SLA probes to SonicWALL SD-WAN?

Click the Right Arrow to move the selected interfaces to the In group column. -Select the interface. -Click the Up Arrow or Down Arrow. Repeat Step 5 for each interface to prioritize. Click OK. Navigate to Network | SD-WAN |SLA Probes. Click Add icon. The Add SD-WAN SLA/Performance Probe dialog displays. Enter a meaningful name in the Name field.