Getting NIF: The Small Guide to Minimize Your Effort

Getting NIF: The Small Guide to Minimize Your Effort

Are you tired of the hardships in your life and want to face a convenient and pleasant experience? This is going to be possible if you intend to receive NIF soon. This article will tell you about the basics that will become a great help to you. Let’s figure out what to do together!

The Purpose of Applying for NIF and Having It in General

NIF is a tax number that works in Portugal. Every person can get it if he wants to. But it is important to know that NIF does not only allow you to pay taxes and be responsible for your income when interacting with the government this way. NIF is about to help you proceed with quite a few activities. Some of them are as follows: buying a car, signing a phone contract, ordering the services of setting up the Wi-Fi connection, renting an apartment, and much more than this.

All of this may serve as proof of the fact that it is going to be very hard to live and lead an active lifestyle in Portugal without NIF.

Receiving NIF for EU/EEA Citizens

You may guess that in this case, the process of obtaining NIF will be a bit easier. So, what you can stick to is going to the nearest tax office and applying for NIF there. Yes, such a process may require you to wait in line but you will receive your NIF quickly and will not pay any extra money.

So, what you do is find the office and get the necessary documents ready. You will have to bring proof of residence and proof of ID. This is it! Note that you will be obliged to pay a small fee.

Getting NIF if You Are a Non-EU/EEA Citizen

Well, this is the case that will be linked to a bit more effort compared to the previous one. Nevertheless, there is nothing too hard here. So, the matter is that according to Portuguese law, you must have a tax representative who will be helping you with getting NIF if you are a non-EU/EEA resident. That is why it is time to think about who to ask about such a service.

This person must be a Portuguese resident or a citizen. It is a mandatory requirement to meet. Actually, there is a sense in hiring a lawyer or sticking to the services of the online provider.

Obtaining NIF Portugal Online

If you wonder what option allowing you to get NIF Portugal online turns out to be the easiest one, this is certainly picking one of the online providers or intermediaries to deal with. Sometimes, such helpers can also be the representatives of the companies suggesting these services.

So, if you pick this variant of getting NIF, you will avoid all the potential issues that are connected with the process. This is what the whole procedure will be represented by:

  1. You choose the company/intermediary/a provider to work with. This may be done with the help of taking a look at the reviews, entering the official site in order to get acquainted with the data suggested there, and so on.
  2. You investigate what documents are going to be necessary in order to get NIF. Actually, it will not be too hard to provide them because a passport and proof of residence are more than enough for applying for NIF.
  3. You get the scans of these documents ready and upload them to the site you are dealing with.
  4. Then, you fill in the application that is suggested to you.
  5. After this, it is time to pay for the services (make sure you take a look at the price in advance so as to be certain that the cost is okay for you).
  6. When you are done with this, you are almost ready! Wait till your NIF is ready and soon, you will have a chance to enjoy the advantages of having it! The estimated time is different but on average, it is about several days to deal with. 

Do you like such a sequence of actions? It is as clear as possible! Stick to it and you will be fine!

Some Questions and Answers about Receiving NIF

  • Is there a chance to order NIF for the minor?

This is possible. To apply for NIF for the child it is obligatory to present more documents than compared to the traditional process of receiving NIF. The NIF of one of the parents and scans of passports of both of them are necessary.

  • Does NIF expire?

You do not have to replace NIF from time to time. The only exception is when you lose the document and have to apply for it from scratch. Good luck!