Features & Benefits Of Screen Sharing Tools That Make Remote Working Fun

Screen sharing lets you share the content on your screen to one or more different devices in real-time. You can show to the people whatever you are looking at on your screen, and there’s no need to send over actual files via email. Furthermore, when you share your screen, you can direct the people’s attention to precisely what you want them to see.

The option of screen sharing is the number one collaboration feature due to the adoption of the work from home and hybrid working modules. Screen sharing for remote teams is a boon, and it enhances teamwork. It also reduces miscommunication and streamlines project delivery.

If you seek the best screen sharing app for your business, read along to know the features you must consider. Also, learn the benefits of screen sharing to dissipate any doubts about adopting this collaborative feature for your teams.

Features Of Screen Sharing Tools

  • Instant Launching Without Any Fuss

Imagine if the screen sharing app took forever to launch. It will hamper your webinar, product tutorial, or online meeting experience. Therefore, you need to look for screen sharing tools that launch quickly and only take a few minutes to get started. Of course, it is ideal if the application starts with a single click.

  • The Option To Select Between Multiple Windows And Screens

It is helpful to share your entire screen with your team at times. But there might be times when you only need to share a specific window or tab. So, what do you do? First, you need to look for screen sharing tools to choose between multiple windows or screens. It will help you draw your team members’ attention towards a specific tab or window that you are explaining.

  • Remote Screen Access And Control

Typically, the presenter or the host in a meeting shares their screen. But this might not always be the case. Therefore, you need to ensure the screen sharing app allows you to choose other participants to share their screens.

While these are the essential features to look for in a screen sharing app, you must also watch out for security and cross-platform compatibility.

Once you have made your choice, you can use the app in several ways. For instance, use screen sharing to conduct in-depth product demonstrations, provide remote training to new joinees or enhance remote team collaboration.

Benefits Of Screen Sharing Tools

Remote working means teams are working on the same project from different locations. They are not physically side-by-side, and that might result in a lot of confusion and miscommunication. Also, it might be a lot harder to explain the technical aspects of running software or create a spreadsheet when you are not in the same room with the person. You can overcome such issues and promote seamless collaboration between remote teams thanks to screen sharing.

Besides this, you can enjoy the following benefits of screen sharing tools that make remote working fun.

  • Screen sharing turns online meetings into a genuine team effort where it is not only the host or the presenter who does all the talking. During the meeting, the host can ask another participant to demonstrate something or change a file, which is done via screen sharing. A few screen sharing tools allow multiple participants access to control and share their screens. It helps all the participants engage and turn the online meeting into a team discussion or effort.
  • Thanks to screen sharing, everyone remains on the same page. It allows you to take control of the online meeting and show the participants what you are talking about. When there’s something on the screen, all the participants instantly become engaged and focus on their screen. It helps teams achieve a lot more than when things are explained verbally.
  • Screen sharing helps to deepen understanding because seeing is believing. It is a much more effective way to convey an idea or thought to the rest of your team members. For instance, if you explain how a product works, it is best to show them how it works by sharing your screen in real-time. It will be much more helpful and enhance their understanding when you provide clear visuals and step-by-step demonstrations.
  • Screen sharing allows for real-time document comparison. Multiple participants can share their screens simultaneously. The attendees or participants of the meeting can toggle between the screens to view the content.
  • Sharing your screen with your colleagues or team members takes a single click. You don’t need to waste your time mailing everyone the necessary documents.

Wrapping Up

Screen sharing is great for enhancing collaboration, especially when working with remote teams. In addition, it can augment the overall productivity of your company. If you are not using a screen sharing tool, it is high time to select one.