Does Austin Stowell sing?

Does Austin Stowell sing?

He can sing IMDb credits him with a handful of performances in the 2013 TV movie, Shuffleton’s Barbershop.

Who did Austin Stowell play in Beverly Hills 90210?


Year Title Role
2009–2011 The Secret Life of the American Teenager Jesse
2009 Secret Girlfriend Chad
2010 90210
2010 NCIS: Los Angeles PFC James Winston

How old is Austin Stowell?

36 years (December 24, 1984)
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How tall is Austin Stowell?

6′ 1″
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Who plays Jesse on Secret Life of the American Teenager?

Austin Stowell
Austin Stowell was born and raised in Kensington, Connecticut, by his father, Robert, a retired …

Who plays Jesse in The Secret Life of the American Teenager?

How old is the actor Austin Stowell?

Austin Stowell (born December 24, 1984) is an American actor.

Where did Austin Stowell go to college at?

Upon acceptance at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut, he studied with the Department of Dramatic Arts, a division of the School of Fine Arts.

Who are Austin Stowell’s parents in the Outsiders?

His father, Robert is a retired steelworker while his mother, Elizabeth is a schoolteacher. Accounting his personal life, he is yet a bachelor and is single at the moment. He is single because he recently broke up with his girlfriend who by profession is an actress and model. The two stayed as couple just for few months only.

Who was Austin Stowell’s first official girlfriend?

We can follow him on Twitter @austinstowell, to know more about him. She is the first official girlfriend of Stowell, who is a Bulgarian Canadian actress and model. They started their relationship in 2015 and broke up in early 2016.