Career Scope after Studying Fashion Media Makeup Courses

Career Scope after Studying Fashion Media Makeup Courses

Gone are the days when choosing a creative career meant restricting oneself to building custom homes, functional and decorative furniture, or even designing apparel. Today, the wings of creative career options spread far and wide, even over the field of beauty in the form of different makeup styles. Call it ‘painting the face’ or ‘revealing one’s hidden self,’ it is an indisputable fact that makeup renders confidence, a sense of looking well-put-together, and an insight into what the one wearing it is like. Alternatively, it is a fun way to become someone else for costume parties or theatrical shows.

Making a career in the beauty industry involves pursuing a fashion media makeup course. Post-completion, students have a wide range of career options that open up for them, as discussed below.

  • Makeup Artist

The most obvious career choice awaiting students of fashion media makeup courses is that of a makeup artist. It is a highly versatile career choice, being an umbrella term covering niche options such as that of a freelance makeup artist, film and television makeup artist, print makeup artist, theatrical makeup artist, runway makeup artist, bridal makeup artist, and more. Though the basic skills such as visualisation, creativity, sense of colour-mixing, and understanding of client requirements remain the same for all niches, there may be differences based on the outfit or occasion. For instance – Bridal makeup mostly focuses on creating a better version of the bride, whereas theatrical makeup involves transforming the performer into a whole new person.

  • Product Development

This particular career option of a product development manager is sort of an extension of a makeup artist. Having a strong sense of makeup, in-depth knowledge of the makeup industry, and face-to-face interactions with clients qualifies one to work alongside cosmetic or formulation chemists and scientists to come up with novel skincare products that sell well in the market. For instance – Now is the time for ‘green’ cruelty-free makeup and more and more cosmetic brands are ditching the chemical route and launching their all-natural range of products with the help of experienced makeup artists.

  • Educator

“Knowledge shared is power multiplied.” A professional makeup artist can use their experience and expertise to train the next generation of artists. Holding makeup classes is a fantastic opportunity, be it teaching classic techniques via courses and training or simply educating people on how to look and feel their best via interactive platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. After all, not everyone is aware of little tips and tricks such as eye-makeup must always be applied first or warming up mascara, and other products makes them super-smooth for effortless application!

  • Beauty Writer

Another recently-popular and a great way to share one’s passion for makeup with the world is to become a beauty writer. Equipped with an exemplary flair for writing and backed by a professional makeup education, one can either share their insights in a blog by reviewing different beauty products, talking about the best natural or affordable finds, sharing some cool DIY makeup recipes (easy DIY plum lip-balm, for instance) or even write for a national magazine; the possibilities are endless.

  • Brand Representative

A brand representative is responsible for introducing new products and brands to customers and retail locations. They will need to demonstrate product use, teach basic makeup application skills, and find the ideal makeup product based on customer needs. The brand representative’s skills, demonstration, and efforts will have a direct impact on the sales of the brand’s retailer. Such professionals may also find work in infomercials, home shopping television, etc.

As mentioned earlier, to build a successful career in the field of makeup, one needs proper technical knowledge and training, something which a fashion media makeup course offers. For the best learning experience, candidates must choose top-notch institutions such as the Pearl Academy. With technical assistance from the London College of Fashion, the academy offers professional makeup courses in Delhi with a 360-degree comprehensive learning model that is in line with the evolving global beauty industry.