Can you see fjords from Oslo?

Can you see fjords from Oslo?

Traveling to the Fjord Region from the city of Oslo is a distance of 209 miles (336 km), reaching the closest fjord within this zone—Sognefjord. If your goal is to see as many famous fjords while traveling in Norway, you’ll want to sign up for this 10-day road trip.

Can you see Northern Lights in Oslo?

Can You See the Northern Lights in Oslo or Bergen? It is geographically possible to see the northern lights in popular destinations like Oslo and Bergen. Under the right sky conditions in the winter, the aurora is visible from these latitudes.

Are there fjords in Tromso?

Tromsø is an island in a strait/sound (virtually a fjord), and surrounded by islands, straits and fjords in all directions. Balsfjord and Malangen are two great fjords just south of Tromsø.

What month is best to see Northern Lights in Norway?

The best period to experience the Northern Lights is from early September to early April. North of the Arctic Circle, the sun does not rise above the horizon during the middle of winter (from around mid-November to mid-January). This period is called the Polar Night.

How do I get from Oslo to Tromso?

There is no direct connection from Oslo to Tromsø. However, you can take the train to Oslo lufthavn stasjon, take the walk to Oslo airport, fly to Tromso, take the walk to Tromsø lufthavn, then take the line 42 bus to Tromsø.

How do you see the Norwegian fjords?

Where to see the fjords in Bergen and Flåm region

  1. 1 – The fjords from up high.
  2. 2 – Bergen to Flåm ferry on the Sogneford.
  3. 3 – A half or full day cruise from Bergen.
  4. 4 – Fjord safari from Flåm.
  5. 5 – The Norwegian fjords by rail – Flåm railway.
  6. 6 – Hiking the fjords of Norway.
  7. 7 – Kayaking the fjords.

What is Tromso Norway known for?

Tromso is famous for being one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights is sometimes so strong that you can even see it in the downtown of Tromso or from your hotel window.

Is Tromsø worth visiting?

These activities include, but are not limited to, concerts, marathons, kayaking, sailing, and hiking. Experiencing the disorientating but beautiful midnight sun should be on everyone’s bucket list, and although it can take some time to fall asleep (bring a sleeping mask), it is something well worth visiting Tromsø for.

Is Tromsø expensive?

Many people think Tromso is expensive, and they’re not entirely wrong. Norway is one of the more expensive destinations to travel in the world, and as a result, Tromso is also an expensive destination. Keep in mind that traveling to Tromso on a budget is still relatively high compared to other destinations.

Are the Norwegian fjords worth seeing?

They’re absolutely breathtaking and worth travelling across the world to see. That being said, Norway also has an astonishing 1,190 Fjords (saaaaay whaaaaaaaat?) and so it makes sense to perhaps limit yourself and see some of the most outstanding ones of the lot (and the most accessible of the lot too).