Can you put wainscoting in the kitchen?

Can you put wainscoting in the kitchen?

Decorating a kitchen with wainscot is a rewarding home improvement project because the wooden texture makes the room feel warm and inviting and provides a rustic, country, cottage or colonial theme to work with.

How high should wainscoting be in a kitchen?

What is the proper height for wainscoting? Generally, the cap sits about one-third the way up the wall. So if the ceiling is 9 feet, go for 3-foot wainscoting. For taller wainscoting, such as one with a plate rail, cap it two-thirds the way up the wall.

Is wainscoting a farmhouse?

RAISED PANEL WAINSCOT Farmhouse styles can range from very rustic to modern. This wainscot is an excellent example of modern and more classic. There are many ways to get this look but the way I installed this one was super easy, and I didn’t have to interrupt the baseboard.

What can you use instead of wainscoting?

Beadboard adds visual interest to any remotely blah wall. It is relatively durable, an inexpensive alternative to tile, can be painted any color, and installed at any height.

What kind of style is wainscoting?

Raised panels, the most traditional wainscoting style, go back to colonial days. The decorative raise is created by beveling the edges of the panel. Common height is between 30 and 40 inches, but the design can be adapted for higher-ceilinged spaces by adding a center rail to create two rows of panels.

Is wainscoting cheaper than tile?

Wood Pros: Wood wainscoting is more forgiving than tile. It also tends to be cheaper than tile, but I think the avoiding divorce part plays into that aspect quite a bit. Wood Cons: There are a whole lot of profiles to choose from, so that’s a whole different ball of wax.

Is wainscotting outdated?

Give your home wall-to-wall character with this timeless feature. But just because wainscoting is no longer required to keep your home warm doesn’t mean it’s lost all its magic. With the right pairing, this once old-school element can feel surprisingly fresh and modern.

What is the best paint for wainscoting?

If you are going to spray paint the panels Semi-Gloss is a good choice. If you are going to brush paint the panels then we recommend a Satin Finish. The Semi-Gloss Finish will show imperfections such as filled nail holes and seams if they where not prepped well but the Satin Finish will be more forgiving.

What’s the purpose of wainscoting in the kitchen?

Wainscoting is the covering of room walls with vertical tongue and groove slats. In the kitchen, the idea is to protect walls from rising dampness and damage caused by chairs and other kitchen furniture. It is a decorative feature that is underused in modern homes, but is making a comeback.

What’s the best way to use a wainscoted wall?

If your personal style leans to the maximal end of the spectrum, a wainscoted wall is a clever way to break up contrasting patterns. In this bold breakfast nook, the beadboard wall adds some breathing room between the striped wallpaper and painted floor. Bring your wainscoting idea to new heights, literally, as seen in this Portola Valley home.

What kind of wainscoting to use in powder room?

The airy roller shades, woven desk chair, and braided hemp rug from Rose Tarlow give this traditional design element a California cool edge. Finished in a dark wood stain, the traditional wainscoting in this Chicago-based powder room adds some decorum to the lively, hand-painted wallpaper.

How to choose the right wainscoting for your home?

Wainscoting Height. Measure the width of the wall and divided it by the number of panels you want, determining the size of each panel. For more accuracy, ask your contractor to help you take the wall measurements. Use these measurements in buying the right wainscoting panels and molding.