Can you play multiplayer on SimplePlanes?

Can you play multiplayer on SimplePlanes?

By downloading this MOD, the USER affirms that the USER will use it solely for the intended purpose of engaging in multiplayer sessions in SimplePlanes and/or hosting a server for SimplePlanes multiplayer sessions. Uploading the MOD, modified or otherwise, to any other location is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

How do you install SimplePlanes multiplayer mod?

How to install mods on PC/Mac

  1. PC. download the mod, either click on the download or open your file browser and put it in the c/users/username/appdata/locallow/jundroo/simpleplanes/Mods folder.
  2. Mac. download the mod, either click on the download or open your file browser.
  3. Android/Kindle No longer supports mods.

Is simple planes on mobile?

SimplePlanes is a simulation video game developed and published by American indie studio Jundroo LLC. SimplePlanes followed the release of SimplePhysics and SimpleRockets and before SimpleRockets 2. The game was first released on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows and was ported to iOS and Android later.

How planes are installed in SimplePlanes?


  1. click the blue download button on the plane you want to download (go to its page on this website)
  2. CTRL+V the string of text in the pop up box.
  3. Open SimplePlanes and go to the sandbox editor.
  4. CTRL + L.
  5. Enjoy!

How do you download SimplePlanes mods on PC?

How can i download mods on pc?

  1. you press windows key and type in search box %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Jundroo\SimplePlanes_ModdingAlpha\Mods , save a shortcut to this location on your desktop or anywhere else that is easy to find for you.
  2. copy/move the downloaded mod to mods folder.

Is SimplePlanes free?

Enjoy this game for free, plus hundreds more free of ads and in-app purchases, with a Google Play Pass subscription. Try free for 1 month. Note: This game requires at least 512MB of RAM and a 1GHz CPU.

Is SimplePlanes good?

However, for the most part I can say that SimplePlanes is a decent game for beginners and experts alike. The studio’s first game, SimpleRockets, is a 2D space simulation game. They decided to take things up a notch with their next simulation game, moving into the realm of 3D graphics and community integration.

Is SimplePlanes on PC?

Design and Fly the Airplane of Your Dreams If you have ever wanted to design your own airplane, check out SimplePlanes on Mac and PC for a great time.

Is Maywar Island on mobile?

`-This island, other than the kraken, is not available for mobile version. This is because Maywar Island is too large on the mobile version and may crash the entire game while the kraken is just too complex to be implemented to the mobile version.

How do I download a simple plane?

I was having the same problem on my G2, this is what I do:

  1. Find the plane you want to download on the website.
  2. use the home button then open simple planes and go into the plane editor screen.
  3. Use the home button and go back to your browser and hit the download button next to the plane.

Is SimplePlanes free on Steam?

If you’re not in the mood for building, over 100,000 airplanes are available to download for free.

How to add multiplayer In SimplePlanes for PC?

Adds multiplayer! To connect to a server, go into the designer, hit the new “MP” button, type in the server IP address, and hit join.

What’s the default IP for SimplePlanes multiplayer server?

I get failed to connect, but could be just a set up thing on either end. I do believe that is a default local ip though, not a hosted ip.

Is there an Android version of SimplePlanes server?

If you want your server to be listed here, feel free to comment the IP address down below! Where is the Android version? Will you make it for Android? Make it for Android NOW!!

How do I connect to a server In SimplePlanes?

To connect to a server, go into the designer, hit the new “MP” button, type in the server IP address, and hit join.