Why school is important in our life?

Why school is important in our life?

School is important because it is a tool to help prepare us for life. School prepares us to be the future caretakers of this planet when our parents are dead and gone, and it gives us the knowledge to pass on to our children and the future generation.

Why is education important short essay?

Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern but impossible to enslave. Without education, the training of the human mind is incomplete. The human mind was made to be trained and without education, a person is incomplete.

Who is a successful person?

Success is the ability to achieve personal, professional, and life goals. This is done through proper planning, hard work, and will. The successful person is the person who is capable of making the critical, bold decisions to reach his desired goals.

How do you plan what you want in life?

Creating a life plan is one of the best things you can do to identify the things you most want in your life and develop the strategy to make them happen….Create a vision. Allow yourself to dream big. Perform a self-assessment. Prioritize your life. Identify your values. Establish goals. Outline an action plan.