Why is Dale of Norway so expensive?

Why is Dale of Norway so expensive?

Why are Dale of Norway sweaters more expensive than other sweaters? Simply put: You get what you paid for. Dale of Norway’s patented technology makes the garments significantly more durable than any other sweater out there.

Are Dale of Norway sweaters itchy?

It’s a little bit itchy, but a nice undershirt takes care of that. It is really heavy and warm.

Are Dale of Norway sweaters made in Norway?

Made in Norway Dale of Norway is one of the very few textile companies with production in Norway. This makes our skilled staff able to pay close attention to every stage of the production process, which ensures the premium quality of every Dale of Norway garment.

Where are Dale of Norway sweaters made?

Dale of Norway is a Norwegian clothing brand known for their production of high quality pure wool knitwear. The textile factory for the company is located at the village of Dale in Vaksdal Municipality, about 50 kilometres (31 mi) east of the city of Bergen in Vestland county, Norway.

How do Norwegians dress?

Norwegians’ dress is generally casual but neat and clean; sports and outdoor gear are common away from the cities. Long pants, long-sleeved tops and boots are good to pack all year round – with extra warmer layers including sweaters, fleeces and knitwear for the winter.

Is Norwegian wool itchy?

According to Tone, it is a myth that all Norwegian wool itches. And it is indeed stronger and more durable than your typical merino fibre.

How do you wash a Norwegian sweater?

How to wash your wool sweater from Dale of Norway?

  1. Hand wash at 30 C / 86 F while using a detergent with a neutral pH (mild wool detergent)
  2. Machine wash at 30 C / 86 F on the wool cycle while using a detergent with a neutral pH.
  3. Do not bleach or wash with chlorine based products.
  4. Iron at low heat, if necessary, inside out.

What are Norwegian sweaters made of?

The company imports its merino and alpaca wool but focuses on using ecologically sustainable materials; it also takes pride in the fact that its entire design and production process is done in its factory in Ytre Arna, Norway.

What are Norwegian sweaters called?

The lusekofte (Norwegian: [ˈlʉ̀ːsəˌkɔftə], lice jacket), also called the Setesdalsgenser (Setesdal sweater) is a traditional Norwegian sweater, dating from the 19th century. The original sweater features a black and white design, the name referring to the isolated black stitches.

Do Norwegians change clothes public?

Do not wear shoes inside private homes. There’s exceptions from this, but as a general rule, don’t. 3. People are pretty relaxed about nudity, and both men and women will for example change on public beaches without any attempt at covering themselves up.

How do Norwegians dress winter?

Wear layers of thermal underwear and wool sweaters, thermal leggings and snow pants, really warm socks, good shoes, windproof jacket, a hat, warm gloves, and also hand warmers.

What kind of sweaters does Dale of Norway make?

Dale of Norway offers a wide variety of sweaters for women, including ski sweaters meant to withstand the elements and softer, more feminine designs. This company is known for its traditional Norwegian designs.

Where did Dale of Norway get their name?

Dale of Norway is a company that derives its name from the village of Dale on the coast of Norway. The village’s robust wool-spinning industry, combined with traditional regional knitting patterns, is responsible for creating classic Norwegian sweaters.

Where does the name Geiranger sweater come from?

A traditional sweater with Norwegian pattern and elk leather trim along the zipper, made from 100% long-lasting Norwegian wool. Named after the village of Geiranger, located in the famous Geirangerfjord, an UNESCO World Heritage site. Matching Geiranger hat.